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Solar Dragon's userboxes
Hi, I am Solar Dragon. If you want to leave me a message, please use my talk page

About Me

Hi, I'm Callum. I've been a member of Bulbapedia since December 3, 2008. Even though I've been on the wiki for over 3 years, I still have under 500 mainspace contributions, mainly because I focus on Wikisimpsons, of which I am the head admin of. I'm also a staff member of ShoutWiki.

If you see me editing, it is most likely just correcting spelling or grammar mistakes, removing not notable trivia, reverting vandalism or poor quality edits that don't help the wiki or just making other minor edits. If you disagree with anything I've done, bring it up on my talk page. If you want to thank me for something I've done, also feel free to bring that up on my talk page. :P

Favourite Pokémon

Favourite Pokémon
Bug-type Spr 5b 123 m.png Spr 5b 212 m.png Spr 5b 348.png Spr 5b 416.png Spr 5b 545.png 666Vivillon.png
Dark-type Spr 5b 229 m.png Spr 5b 359.png Spr 5b 430.png Spr 5b 571.png 687Malamar.png
Dragon-type Spr 5b 149.png Spr 5b 230.png Spr 5b 373.png Spr 5b 445 m.png Spr 5b 635.png 715Noivern.png
Electric-type Spr 5b 082.png Spr 5b 181.png Spr 5b 310.png Spr 5b 466.png Spr 5b 604.png 695Heliolisk.png
fairy-type Spr 5b 039.png Spr 5b 175.png Spr 5b 282.png Spr 5b 468.png Spr 5b 547.png 700Sylveon.png
Fighting-type Spr 5b 107.png Spr 5b 214 m.png Spr 5b 257 m.png Spr 5b 448.png Spr 5b 539.png 675Pangoro.png
Fire-type Spr 5b 006.png
Spr 5b 059.png
Spr 5b 157.png Spr 5b 257 m.png Spr 5b 467.png Spr 5b 555.png 668Pyroar.png
Flying-type Spr 5b 018.png Spr 5b 169.png Spr 5b 277.png Spr 5b 430.png Spr 5b 628.png 663Talonflame.png
Ghost-type Spr 5b 094.png Spr 5b 200.png Spr 5b 356.png Spr 5b 477.png Spr 5b 563.png 709Trevenant Dream.png
Grass-type Spr 5b 003 m.png Spr 5b 154 m.png Spr 5b 254.png Spr 5b 389.png Spr 5b 598.png 673Gogoat.png
Ground-type Spr 5b 051.png Spr 5b 232 m.png Spr 5b 330.png Spr 5b 445 m.png Spr 5b 553.png 660Diggersby.png
Ice-type Spr 5b 091.png Spr 5b 215 m.png Spr 5b 365.png Spr 5b 460 m.png Spr 5b 614.png 699Aurorus.png
Normal-type Spr 5b 143.png Spr 5b 217 m.png Spr 5b 289.png Spr 5b 446.png Spr 5b 626.png 668Pyroar.png
Poison-type Spr 5b 034.png Spr 5b 169.png Spr 5b 317 m.png Spr 5b 454 m.png Spr 5b 545.png 691Dragalge.png
Psychic-type Spr 5b 065 m.png Spr 5b 196.png Spr 5b 376.png Spr 5b 437.png Spr 5b 606.png 687Malamar.png
Rock-type Spr 5b 076.png Spr 5b 248.png Spr 5b 306.png Spr 5b 409.png Spr 5b 567.png 697Tyrantrum.png
Steel-type Spr 5b 082.png Spr 5b 212 m.png Spr 5b 306.png Spr 5b 448.png Spr 5b 625.png 681Aegislash.png
Water-type Spr 5b 009.png Spr 5b 160.png Spr 5b 321.png Spr 5b 419 m.png Spr 5b 593 m.png 658Greninja.png
Legendary Pokémon Spr 5b 150.png Spr 5b 249.png Spr 5b 384.png Spr 5b 491.png Spr 5b 649.png 717Yveltal.png

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