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This is a list of things that have changed when entering Generation VI. Please put ALL CHANGES HERE WHEN UPDATING THE WIKI. It will be much less painful if we have a list of everything that has changed. For moves with modified power/accuracy/PP/targetting/damage category, please use List of modified moves instead.

Gen VI renames


Old New
Compoundeyes Compound Eyes
Lightningrod Lightning Rod


Old New
ThunderShock Thunder Shock
BubbleBeam Bubble Beam
ViceGrip Vice Grip
Faint Attack Feint Attack
Sand-Attack Sand Attack
PoisonPowder Poison Powder
AncientPower Ancient Power
DoubleSlap Double Slap
Hi Jump Kick High Jump Kick
SolarBeam Solar Beam
SmellingSalt Smelling Salts
FeatherDance Feather Dance
ExtremeSpeed Extreme Speed
ThunderPunch Thunder Punch
DynamicPunch Dynamic Punch
Softboiled Soft-Boiled
DragonBreath Dragon Breath
SmokeScreen Smokescreen


Old New
X Defend X Defense
X Special X Sp. Atk
Parlyz Heal Paralyze Heal
TinyMushroom Tiny Mushroom
BalmMushroom Balm Mushroom
BlackGlasses Black Glasses
DeepSeaTooth Deep Sea Tooth
DeepSeaScale Deep Sea Scale
Thunderstone Thunder Stone
NeverMeltIce Never-Melt Ice
BrightPowder Bright Powder


Pokémon Old New
Zigzagoon TinyRaccoon Tiny Raccoon
Drapion Ogre Scorp Ogre Scorpion

Trainer classes

Old New
Swimmer♂ Swimmer ♂
Swimmer♀ Swimmer ♀
Pokéfan Poké Fan

Body style changes

Pokémon Old New
Caterpie Body02.png Body14.png
Weedle Body02.png Body14.png
Dunsparce Body02.png Body04.png
Burmy Body02.png Body05.png
Wormadam Body02.png Body05.png

Color group changes

none yet, may be needed later

Pokémon Old New