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Type Kanto Gyms Indigo League Elite Four Johto Gyms Hoenn Gyms Hoenn Elite Four Sinnoh Gyms Sinnoh Elite Four Unova Gyms Unova Elite Four
Normal Whitney Norman Aloe
Fighting Bruno Chuck Brawly Maylene Renbu
Flying Falkner Winona Fuuro
Poison Koga Janine Koga
Ground Giovanni Bertha Yacon
Rock Brock Roxanne Roark
Bug Bugsy Aaron Arti
Ghost Agatha Morty Phoebe Fantina Shikimi
Steel Jasmine Steven Stone Byron
Fire Blaine Flannery Flint Pod*
Water Misty Wallace Juan Wallace Crasher Wake Corn*
Grass Erika Gardenia Dent*
Electric Lt. Surge Wattson Volkner Kamitsure
Psychic Sabrina Will Tate and Liza Lucian Caitlin
Ice Lorelei Pryce Glacia Candice Hachiku
Dragon Lance Clair Drake Shaga Iris
Dark Karen Sidney Giima
Various Blue Blue Cynthia Adeku


  • Emerald was the only game where an Elite Four member used the same type as a Gym Leader, other than the Johto-based games which had 21 Gym Leaders and Elite Four combined.
  • Only in Generations II and III does the Champion have a specialist type.
    • Conversely, Blue, as the leader of the Viridian Gym in the Johto-based games, is the only Gym Leader without a specialist type.
  • Not counting remakes, Poison has not been seen for the longest time; it has only appeared in Kanto and Johto-based games, whereas all other types have appeared at least twice since.
  • Ground was the only type not represented in the Johto-based games, as the Ground-type gym was taken over by Blue.