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The Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition (or PEFE) is a project that aims to extend on the canon Pokédex articles and present a more realistic point of view on the Pokémon world. They do so by mixing and completing depictions and facts from the different available canons, and filling the gaps with sensible explanations. The aim is to write a "in-universe" guide to Pokémon.

The PEFE project is mainly hosted on the TvTropes wiki as of November 2012.


The project was started in a forum thread by Tangent 128 on March 2010 gathering some articles that were indexed in the opening post of the thread. Members would sign up and start discussing potential articles, posting working revisions as well as definitive articles in the thread itself. In early 2011 the members started moving articles to a namespace in the TVTropes wiki proper for better organization, and the forum thread index was deprecated by February 2011. A jabber chatroom was added as well. On June 2012 a new wiki was created where some articles are being moved as of October 2012.


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