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Uh, hi. I'm Sidnoea. I'm still sort of new here, but I aspire to be a great editor some day!

...Yet all I seem to be able to do so far is get in trouble ._.;

I'd help a lot more than I do, but I'm unable to procure fancy charts and tables and formats and templates and such. So, I think I'll just stick to fixing typos for now. Keep an eye out for me though.

So far, my biggest contribution was fixing a certain reversal in 26 Pokémon articles regarding the move Fly. For some reason, they all had the accuracy and power backwards. I wonder how it got messed up that many times...?

Update: My new biggest contribution is fixing the names "Rustling Grass", "Dust Clouds", "Rippling Water", and "Dark Grass" on over 100 pages. Wow, that took a while o_e But of course, it was all worth it.