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094.png This user's favorite Pokémon is Gengar.

My Specialties

094.png This user is a Ghost-type trainer.
149.png This user is a Dragon-type trainer.

My Other Info

031.png This user identifies as female.
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Allo there, I'm Shiyon (which is not my real name by any means, so you can just call me Val) and I love ghosts. I also love high places, the dark, cemetaries, cemetaries in the dark, dark forests, caves, rooftops, and other things. Ever since Pokémon Blue, I've been mostly into training Ghost types. I fervently believe that there should be more of them, actually. My ultimate favorite is Gengar, though. Gengar's completely awesome. Although, I have been branching out, and I've gotten into Dragon types as well. Still, I love any Pokémon, really. Unless they come out with a peacock Pokémon. I'll hate that one.

Shiyon's Team

I catch heaps of Pokemon, I suppose, but I play favorites when it comes to building my team. The main players on my wonderful team are:

Spr 4d 094.png Spr 4d 149.png Spr 4d 429.png Spr 4p 130 m.png 376.png 323.png

Gengar, aka "Gen"
He's my most reliable mate, and more important to me than my starters, in the games. I've loved Gen since my very first video game, Pokémon Blue, when I caught one and fell in love with his mischevious grin.
I've put so much work into rasing him, its's quite honestly insane. I suppose I have a bit too much free time, huh? Anyways, Dragonite's a beast, and together, we dominate!! Yeah!! Hahaha, I'm super attached to him, one could say.
Mismagius, aka "Maaji" or "Maaj"
She's grown, a lot. Maaj has got outstanding special attack, and some surprise moves to boot. She's my variety attacker, in a way, and can sweep a bunch of types off the field.
Gyarados has been with me since I could fish. He's my surf buddy, because if you ask me, surfing on a Staryu is just out of the picture. (how tall is it again...?)
The strong silent type. ...Actually, I sometimes get the feeling he doesn't like me at all. But when he lands his moves, it's like getting hit by dynamite. He's a strong bugger.
Camerupt, aka "Cam"
I adore this loveable lumbering oaf. He thinks he has no funk, but I tend to differ. He has lots of funk, actually. Funk and fire, for the win.


I am currently planning on attempting to get a Pokemon fan comic up and running. My username is actually stolen from the main character of the story. Hahaha. But Shiyon's team is also comprised of the above Pokemon, and their background stories are included. Woohooo. Okay, I'm getting tired of editing this, so I'll stop for now and continue later, mmk? Laters.