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Hmm, I wonder how I can make new headings thingies?


I think I figured it out...I did!! to find how to insert pictures!

☆About Me(and my pokemon games)☆

My name is *add fake name here* and was born on June 24, *add random year here* at the Windham Hospital in Windham(Imagine that!), which is this really small town in Connecticutt, which is this state in New England (Oh, look at all of the pretty LEAVES!) I first watched Pokémon when I was around three or four, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't immediately hooked on to it. By friend Rebecca was the one who really got me into Pokémon. She had LeafGreen, and everytime I went over her house, I played it. The first Pokémon I caught was a Rattata, on my aforementioned friend's game. At last, my dreams were acompplished, when I received a GameBoy SP for my seventh birthday. However, being the fool I was in second grade, I broke it, before even getting to play a Pokémon game. Joy. After a period of six or seven months, (in which time I had proudly bought Pokémon Ruby ). A brand new Gameboy SP had arrived. I quickly started the game, and choose Brendan as my character (I don't remember the name :/)and Treecko as my starter. That night I started my first pokemon adventure with my beloved Treecko. Then I forgot to save. I was really smart back then, wasn't I. So, when I got up the next morning, I realized that my game file had been corrupted. Oh no. So, I set off and started a new quest. Yayyy. This time I choose a girl character, named Nicole. I then choose Torchic, and named it Idon. It soon became a strong Blaziken, yaadaayaadaa, and I didn't catch Groudon. Then I received FireRed. Whee! I don't really remember it though. I really need to get more stuff on here...