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Born in 1991 in Maryland, and moved from there to Florida, then North Carolina, before returning to Florida in about 1996. Preparing for courses in college for Anthropology, and later, Archaeology. If these are foiled, will probably build a boat out of a large flimsy cardboard box and ply wood, and attempt to sail to Cuba.

Pokémon History

I was introduced to the franchise, in est. early 1999 or late 1998, through a single Card from the Pokémon Trading Card Game, a 1998 Jungle expansion Tauros. Moments later it was accompanied by several others placed into my hands by a genourous friend. Naturally, being so different from the common and widespread action figures of the day in America, these five cards turned into ten several weeks later, which in turned multiplied to 20, now supplied by myself, and so on. I also became an adict of the anime, and player of the games,with the version Red several months later.

I have advanced to Emerald, with no regards to time.

Personal interests in Pokémon include the favorite characters that have only appeared once in single episodes, the favorite (or once-favorite-but-still-mild-interest-in) Pokemon Absol, Golduck, Dewgong, Glalie, Walrein, Vulpix and Raichu.


Will mainly be improving misc Pokémon articles, fixing minor problems and converting the flotsam resulting from the release of Diamond/Pearl into articles.