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Sean Bradley Wheeler is a new user to Bulbapedia. Although he's been on the site alot, being one of his favorite sites, he reads it long before he got his account.

Pokemon Gold Version

I got Pokemon Gold for my 8th birthday. Because it runs on an internal battery it lost the ability to save.

Pokémon Sapphire Version

I got Sapphire for my 10th birthday. My current player is a girl named Karly even though my sister's name is Tina. No i'm not related to the Bulbapedia user with that name (why is that nameso common?) my sapphire party template is coming soon.

Pokemon FireRed Version

I got FireRed for my 12th birthday. my character's name is Sean and I named my rival Gary. I play as the boy and started with Charmander. I got 8 badges got, the national dex and completed the network machine.


Pokémon Emerald Version

I got Emerald from Grandma on Christmas 2005. My player is a boy named Sean. Tina (wow these common names are confusing.) doesn't play it as much as my other Pokémon games. Party template coming soon.