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Sato (Japanese: 佐藤 [Who can't actually write these particular Kanji yet himself]) is an average human being (or at least, that's what he WANTS you to think). He doesn't consider himself particularly interesting except for when he actually is interesting and will often remain quiet unless talking.

He decided to do another revision of this page because he was bored. (Now with added Wiki links! ... Yes, that one was kind of redundant, wasn't it? That's if linking to this page from this page actually works of course, as the preview is kinda just showing that as bold...) I mean really, why else would I write the random crap I have here? Also, why am I switching from third person to first person?

Unlike many people on the internet, he is neither from America or any of those strange random European countries like Germany, Poland, France or any of those other ones with crazy unpredictable spellings and strange languages, like Borginia or something. The country he lives is a large barren wasteland in the southern hemisphere with a giant rock in the middle. However, he lives in a big city on the coast, far enough so that if any giants attack, they won't be able to throw the big rock from the center at him. That's right, he lives in Australia. (... No, not Austria, Australia. I already said no weird European countries.)

He enjoys the Pokémon Games and anime and prides himself on having seen almost every episode (of course, he happens to be unable to recall half of them. Mostly Johto filler). Other anime he enjoys include Dragon Ball, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Digimon, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as well as a few others he can't think of right off the top of his head.

The only anime he has outright hated upon viewing it has been Hamtaro (How I hate that little Hamster...).

In the distant past he has declared himself to be a god and has promoted "Satoismism" (which was not actually founded by Sato, but by a friend at school) however, no one (including himself) has ever taken him seriously. He even once wrote a bible for Satoismism, however contained within the four pages he wrote was a mish mash of rambling, The Legend of Zelda, Mario and his magical mushrooms and events from Digimon: The Movie. It has since been lost, which is unfortunately something that can't be said about Scientology.

He once created "Pokémon: The Abridged Series" on YouTube, and was gaining popularity quick enough for him to become the next LittleKuriboh, however it was cancelled after 2 episodes due to YouTube banning his account. (However, episodes were already made upto around something like episode 9) More recently, he has rebooted the series from scratch as Pokémon: Gotta Watch it Y'all (no, that does not link to the series.), look it up on YouTube! (Episodes 1 and 2 available now! Other than that, the series is kinda on hiatus due to the show's Misty and Jessie disappearing into thin air. It's something I plan to get back to eventually though.)

In more recent times he likes to attempt mimicing Daleks and Cybermen, although Daleks can occasionally end up hurting his throat after a while. (Exterminate! Exterminate!!)

An interesting piece of trivia is that Sato's screenname is actually derived from his real name (specifically, his surname), thus he used to be referred to by this name by most people he knows both online and in real life. (In more recent times, people he knows tend to call him by his given name.) In locations where he is unable to secure the username "Sato", he goes by "SaiyamanMS" (derived from Son Gohan's superhero alter ego and his initials).

Despite his tendency to ramble both pointlessly and incomprehensibly in places such as this page, under normal circumstances he acts quite normally and always likes to help friends when possible, as long as it doesn't involve cash.

He has met Rica Matsumoto in person and even challenged her to a Pokémon Battle. This clearly makes him the very best, like no one ever was.

Aaaaaalso, a very, very, very important point is that Sato also happens to be single, so if there are some cute girls reading thi~~ *is PWNed by Croagunk* --Ugh... Never mind. X_x;;

Anyway, that's a somewhat accurate description of the ultimately awesome マイケル・アントニー・佐藤 in a nutshell. (And like all good nutshells, it contains a quality nut!)

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