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Hello! I am a random unknown user., I play Minecraft as AJRabbit and Runescape as Derangera. My pokemon team consists of (usually) Zebstrika, Victini, Arceus, Samurott(Splashy) Musharna (It was from a Japanese game, i don't know what its name is so i assume it is Musharna) and Tornadus (In Black!) As of currently, however, i'm building a Battle Box team of Eeveelutions, consisting of every one except Umbreon, because my saying is, Dark is only good if it isn't pure. (Think Tyranitar and Houndoom!) Anyway, here is a list of useful stats about my games.

Games Beaten: Pokemon Blue (Hall of Fame is screwed up, cant tell what pokemon were used), Pokemon Emerald (The boss was beaten with Rayquaza and Swampert) Pokemon black (The team listed above, except with Unfezant instead of Tornadus.) Glitches Done: Missingno., 'M and the hunt for Mew. Cheats?: No Events: Yes (Victini, Arceus and a Banette) Shiny seen: 1 ( Beheeyem, my dang Zebstrika killed it. it is now named Zebstupid.)

UPDATE I recently got AR DSi, and changed my mind about Eeveelutions. The Battle Box team consists of Spiritomb, Electivire, a shiny Shuckle, Magmortar, Empoleon, and the only Eeveelution, Glaceon.

Pokemon I think should be added

Solaros, Lunaras, Astralanthos.

Solaros, Large wolf, white with a sun design on its head, learns SolarBeam and a signature move, Solar Charge, Physical, lowers target's Accuracy, power 100, type is grass. Solaros' types are Grass and psychic.

Lunaras: large black wolf with a white crescent moon on it's head, learns healing move Moonlight, Dark Pulse, and Moonbeam, its sig ability/ which is Dark, special, power 100, and lowers enemy's Special Defense. Lunaras is a Dark/Psychic combo.

Astralanthos, even bigger black wolf that has white spots, learns two signature abilities, Starbeam and Big Bang. Starbeam is a Special move, it is Psychic type, it lowers both Accuracy and Sp. Def. Big Bang is also special, but IS NORMAL AND makes everything on the field die. *Last Resort!!!* Both moves are Power 100. Astralanthos is pure Psychic.

Musicora, silantros.

Musicora is a large musical note, learning sound moves like Hyper Voice and Sing. It can learn Rest, and Snore/Sleep Talk. It's ability is Musical, and all moves affected by Soundproof are strengthened.

Silantros is a black, broken musical note. It learns moves that counteract sound, like Perish Song. It's ability is Soundproof.