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The Very Long Story of Salix

Once upon a time there was a person who'd never played any game, except for the occasional one at a friend's house. As he was an only child and homeschooled, this was taken as "his thing". Then, one day, the original person, hereafter known as Salix, found that both her and sibling had saved up a decent amount of money. Enough to buy a GBC and a few games each. They'd heard about this pokemon thing, and decided to try it. Salix ended up with Red and Gold (and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Second Edition, it was presumably very cheap or a gift), sibling ended up with Blue, Silver and Yellow. 'Twas Salix's introduction to the video game as owned by one's self, and she grew to love Gold. Not as much Red, but these things happen. It helps that she remembers naming her Red character with a female symbol in an effort to look like a girl, and subsequently realize how stupid that looked. Salix raised a lovely team in Gold, with the Red Gyarados being the only sign of a shiny she saw the entire game, a Houndoom and an Alakazam. She also managed to spring for a one of those connector cables, allowing the siblings to trade occaissonally when the cable could be found (and is currently missing again, no surprise). She also ran into a very odd phenomenon, that as far as she knows is not really know otherwise, which took the form off an odd question mark near New Bark Town, which she was going agh *paranoia* is this Celebi? Unfortunately, she doesn't remember if it fainted or ran or was run from, but Salix never managed to repeat the experience.

Salix eventually found someone on her bus who not only also played, but sold her the Gold/Silver strategy guide for the lovely price of $5. And he gave her Blue as well. And gave her candy a lot. In retrospect, he was probably crushing on her. She also eventually bought Crystal. However, tragedy struck. Not only did the free Blue delete itself fairly soon after being acquired (Salix suspects magnets were involved rather than the battery dying) but in Crystal, just before fighting, and hopefully catching, Suicune, Salix saved and turned off the game, and found that the next time she tried to run it Crystal had also deleted itself. It rather upset her. After a while, she managed to lose not just the cable, but Red and Gold as well (Crystal was also lost but unplayable so it mattered less) and Salix put the Game Boy down with what she thought was the Millionaire game in it. (Blue, for some reason, has always stayed easy to find, which rather vexes Salix).

After a very long time, including Salix moving into the internet in general, and mostly ignoring Pokémon, having moved onto other games as the family eventually bought a PS2 and Dark Cloud claimed her attention, Salix was given a DS as a gift (and Tetris, which Salix is still ignoring and will continue to in the future. It's not that fun, folks). She then, in a mildly convoluted fashion, refound her GBC, found it had Link's Awakening instead of the game show, and her sister then found an extra copy of Gold somewhere which has lost it's ability to retain save files. It is currently residing in the GBC. After some rather varied game playing, was also given a Wii as a two-months-late Birthmasish present, and after some debating with herself got My Pokémon Ranch. Now this may seem a bit odd, as Salix has not mentioned Diamond or Pearl anywhere yet, but the reasoning behind this was that she could afford it, and she was planning on filling the ranch up with... well, not much, but some plotting later led to the plan of exploiting Hayley and borrowing a friend's Pokémon. After a while of this, the same friend that gave her the DS took pity on her and bought her Diamond as well.

Salix's brilliant idea was to then name the game after specific characters and make their teams for them (it's a long story. Suffice it to say she was bored one day). Now, the one team was easy as someone traded her the eggs for them, but the second team was a bit harder. As in she passed the Elite Four, caught all the easily available legendaries and did a good section of her Pokédex before realizing she really wanted a game of her own. As you might guess, this was a bit hard, as besides the Pokémon she had originally come for and the amassed legendaries, she'd also caught all the Unowns and had traded several Pokémon from Hayley. Not to mention the incredible amount of things amassed through digging in the Underground, like 30 Heart Scales and 20 Thunder/Fire/Sun Stones. Yes, each. Luckily, friend who gave her Diamond was willing to hang onto the Pokémon/items until she'd caught enough to trade back. Unluckily, he also put a limit on how many Pokémon could be traded. After a small amount of tweaking, being choosy, and giving up, Salix managed to keep about 102 of the Pokémon from the game, including several from after Elite Four, all the legendaries, all the Unowns, the two HM slaves, the main team, and the Pokémon that the game had originally been started for. Whew. Just before this point the same friend lent her his Emerald, and she salvaged several of for her main game. Of course, everything else went on the Ranch, which shows that she was obviously looking ahead. Somehow. Since then, Salix has been trying to collect one of every pokemon plus gender differences, and finish transferring things from Emerald to Diamond.

Recently, Salix was doing a cleaning job on her room, and happened to find two cartridges; Red and Gold. Amazed, she plunked the Red in the GBC and found that at some point in the past, she restarted. So she still doesn't know what her first team/starter was. Then, preparing for the worst, she threw Gold in the slot and turned it on. Got the opening "oh, you didn't insert it right/there's dust in the slot/this game is gone" screen, removed cartridge, blew air in both cartrige and slot and tried again. Gold booted up. With a saved game, but no clock. The only reason why Salix didn't freak out with happiness was because the rest of the house was sleeping. She promptly spent four hours writing down every single caught pokemon in that game. And hatching the three eggs hanging around the boxes..

Why Certain People Do Not Like Cheating

(Why yes, there's a reason)

Now, way back in Salix's Red game, Salix heard about the MissingNo. thing (either through the very first friend mentioned or the one on the bus, but she was mainly playing Gold on the bus so eh), and played around with it. Salix has no idea which Missing No. varients she collected, but she does know that she never bothered training them. She also never bothered duplicating Rare Candies, possibly making her unique in the world of the Rare Candy cheat. Other than that, she never heard of the Mew glitch or the Glitch City one, so she went on her way happily. Now, when she heard about duplicating Pokémon in Gold via that turn off your game halfway through switching boxes in the PC thing, she decided to try it out. She indeed managed to clone five of her six party Pokémon, but then something went wrong and her Meganium deleted itself. Since then, Salix has decided that cheating really isn't worth it. Yes she knows this is technically glitching. She also thinks that cheaters take the fun out of the game.

Some stories about some usertags

Feel free to skip over this bit. I've deleted the really boring bits though

Phione is from Ranch and the Manaphy was traded from someone who didn't care any more for a Bidoof. She checked, it's legit. So is the Celebi. It's from the 10th anniversary event. <

Anne the Cherubi was a happy accident, where Salix was breeding up a Cherubi from one traded for in the GTS (it's Japanese, and the name changes back to English when it evolves), and decided to grab a second egg since why not. Anne's older sister Columbia was born perfectly normally, and named after the province where all of the good cherries come from. Salix then hatched the second egg, went "hm, it's lighter than what I remember", and completely failed to think of a name. After a slightly silly suggestion involving angels from sibling (cherubim are one of the classes), Salix had the person at the computer look up breeds of cherries, and decided on Queen Anne, as Bing is a silly name for a girl. She then checked the summary screen because, really, Cherubi shouldn't be that light. She was correct. Cherubi is now being trained into a Cherrim. Well, will be. Eventually.

Several months later (IE Jan.2011), Salix was scoping the Johto Safari Zone for things, and ended up with one ball left after catching Shelgon. So she went looking for a Marill. After wandering for a short while, she ran into a Jigglypuff. With green eyes. She promptly keysmashed (both mentally and literally, as she was online at the time), threw the last ball, and prayed. And it caught. This was the first wild non-plot shiny Salix had ever seen, which means Salix was very glad it caught.

Salix only lists the games she owns, and will probably persist in leaving up those tags. Just like she leaves up the "Beat the ___" ones because it keeps track of what she needs to finish. However, she doesn't remember which starter she picked in Red, and it's been restarted three times. She's also played XD, two Rangers, PMD Blue, and Emerald but PMD and Emerald were borrowed (and Emerald has since been restarted), XD is currently a shared game and she isn't fond enough of Ranger to include it. Besides, it's not main series. Ranch stays because Salix loves it and it stores things for her. The main reason she owns Platinum is to create more of the character teams. Salix gets very bored sometimes.

Games she's lost: in one sense, Crystal since she never even had a chance to beat the game ;_; . In the other sense, Crystal is missing. Blue isn't lost, but it's deleted, along with whatever was on the cartridge.

Salix prefers to type smash everything, but only recently realized that maybe she should branch off the moves learned by levelling and the STAB ones.

And Salix only realized the Fun With Breeding as of Diamond, and therefore is having way too much fun with breeding, but hasn't figured out chains yet. And she may by slightly biased by Anne the hatched Shiny Cherubi.

She hikes a lot, caves when she can, and lives near mountains and therefore can do these things. Muahaha. However, being a nocturnal person, this makes hiking more interesting. Caving not so much since they're dark anyway and Salix wuvs them.

Dragoness being here is entirely Salix's fault, and they tend to talk about anything. Often.

Usertags I've removed include Read Unown, Can Sing, Hates Shipping, Hates Bidoof, Hates Mudkip, all my (now extraneous) dex listings, all my legends except Celebi, own Ranger: Shadows over Almia (since I own two now and they're not main series), Loner

And usertags are too much fun, and half of this babbling is to try to keep up with that sidebar over there since any tables tend to drop to the end of the sidebar on Salix's Firefox and she doesn't want a lot of whitespace. Also, you can probably tell that this entire thing was in third-person, and was originally tried to be written without personal pronouns, but certain people gave up. We now return you to non-third person.

Slightly more on topic things


Nicho - ID: 62004

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Skye - ID: 37352

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Gold - ID: 51914

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Spr 4h 229 m.png


Obtained Legendaries

Rather, what am I missing? Mewtwo (until I dig through Cerulean Cave), Deoxys (until I find some way to trigger the mission in my Ranger game), and Arceus (whose event was skipped in Canada. Grrrrr). Also, the Gen Vers.

Friend Codes

I don't release my friend codes to people I doesn't know. I'm willing to give it out if I can collect new user IDs, but I also have very limited access to the Wifi and you'll have to arrange with me to trade, somehow. In fact, it's currently broken. Yep.

Bulbapedia Work

I've apparently adopted finishing off the Club Look-See page as my project. Expect infrequent updates, mostly because apparently once you run through all 37, the ranches are random from then on, and you don't get Look-Sees every day anyway. Also obsessed with the Pokeathlon, but can't tell if those pages are ever going to be expanded more.