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ユーリカ Eureka
Bonnie in X and Y
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Region Kalos
Relatives Clemont (brother)
Anime debut XY???
English voice actor
Japanese voice actor

Bonnie (Japanese: ユーリカ Eureka) is a young girl introduced in Pokémon X and Y. She is the younger sister of Clemont.

In the games

Bonnie will be present as an unwavering companion and supporter for her brother during his Gym battle with the player character.

In the anime

Bonnie will appear in the XY series as a companion for Ash alongside her brother Clemont and Serena.



Language Name Origin
Japanese ユーリカ Eureka From the English word eureka.
English Bonnie Possibly from bon, French for good.
French, Italian and Spanish Clem
German Heureka From her Japanese name
Korean 유리카 Yurika From her Japanese name

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