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A message of attention from S1tHSL4y3r:
Unfortunately, due to circumstances involving school, exams and activities, my presence on Bulbapedia may appear redundant for the next number of weeks (as it perhaps already has been for the past few), however I will occasionally return to check on messages, and anything of immediate concern. Communication with me for the time being would be best via email. Rest assured when life has settled down, I shall resume my regularity. Thank you.


to my To-do List. Please, do make yourself at home. Here lie the aims, goals, points, aspirations, marks, targets, focuses, propositions, mini-projects, objectives or whichever word you may use, that I plan and intend to do, complete, finish, resolve, carry through, achieve, finalise, culminate, end, accomplish, settle, conclude, perfect and ultimately consummate. So uh, wish me luck with that kay? :]

If you have anything, any suggestions or ideas you'd like me to consider working on, then go ahead and tell me.

Simply click the screenshot251200951727pit8.png tab up the top (or if you're lazy just click it there =P), then stick in a subject, and write to your heart's content. It'll be added to the space on the right, and I'll get back to you via your talk page, so make sure you actually sign off with the four tildes (~~~~) or I won't know who you are. Not saying I won't be able to figure it out, but it'll be much less annoying if you just do so :)

Now, back to my lovely list. The least I can do of course, is categorise it for my own convenience.

Locations, Routes, Cities, Towns etc.

  • Elaborate route descriptions
  • List all available items and berries found, with whereabouts
  • Correctly order all Pokémon listings

In particular attention:


Sign templates

  • Apply to anywhere necessary, including what the sign reads
  • Upload map images for all cities/towns of Sinnoh, then include them in each sign template
  • RBY, GSC and RS sign designs
  • -DONE- Emerald and FRLG sign designs
  • -DONE- DPcitymap design with map parameter for inclusion of map image
  • -DONE- Split DP into separate DP sign designs
  • -DONE- Created

Poké Mart stock list template

  • Apply to all necessary cities and towns
  • Item icon sprites
  • -DONE- Custom title row
  • -DONE- Space row with variable height
  • -DONE- Other currencies
  • -DONE- Extra classes such as Battle items and Vitamins
  • -DONE- Created

Trainer template

  • Apply to all routes with trainers listings
  • Graphic-wise improvement to look similar to FRLG Pokémon Party view
  • Self-determining Types section per Pokémon
  • -DONE- Small tags around "Lv."
  • -DONE- Recode {{Trainerentry}} to use only one separate template to handle multiple Pokémon in party
  • -DONE- Make a self-calculating EXP yield column


  • Appearances in the games
  • Apply party templates

In particular attention:

Team Magma
Team Aqua


  • Shortcuts and links box
  • Overall time spent contributing since joinage box
  • Styled contents box
  • -DONE- Page styling
  • -DONE- Hide sidebox tags
  • -DONE- More detailed infobox
  • -DONE- Menu
  • -DONE- To-do page




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