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WHAT IS THIS??? Kyurem forms.png KYUREM MERGES???

Click on the pictures to navigate my pages. Today is Tuesday November/21/2017

RBGlitch207.png RBGlitch040.png YGlitch126.png RBGlitch062.png YGlitch080.png Missingno RB.png
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Hello everyone! I'm a glitch researcher! I inspect any and all glitches in the Pokémon games.

のは当たり前の男ですされています '
Age 15
Gender Male
Hometown Chicago
Region Illinois,United States
Trainer class Jacred


Well ever since I got my first card (Staryu) I really started to like everything about Pokémon. It all started with the 4 year old me getting a few cards from his friend. I later collected many cards, and soon got my first Pokémon game, Pokémon Sapphire. Since then I have amassed thousands of cards and have gotten Games from every generation (including the Generation updates*).

* Yellow, Crystal, Emerald,Etc.

What I do

I am a glitch researcher that mostly investigates Gen I glitch Pokémon. These things have always interested me in the games and I will continue to find everything in them until there is nothing left to be found. I will also edit other things that I ever notice need help. If you have any questions about things encompassed within the GlitchDex area, I can help you, if im not available, please contact the SnorlaxMonster.

Total hours spent on Pokémon games: 637hours

TCG collections completed

  • Shadowless Base:ALMOST COMPLETE
  • Jungle:COMPLETE+all 1st edition
  • Fossil:COMPLETE+all 1st edition
  • Rocket:COMPLETE+Many 1st editions
  • Promos: About half (32)