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Hi, I'm RocketZee. My real name is Olivia. Zee is my own fan-made character, who I have put into my own fan-made manga. I loved Pokémon the moment I saw it and also fell in love with the world of anime and manga. I am a fan of Team Rocket and I wish they could one day capture an awesome Pokémon for the Boss! When the advanced generation series was off the air I was upset and went onto other anime, but when I heard of the games: Diamond and Pearl, I immediatly wanted one, hoping my brother would get the other! Eventually when the Diamond&Pearl series started airing on CITV I wasn't sure about wether I wanted to watch it. I started watching the series after it ran through at least once already and was once again hooked on it dying down my then-obssession with Naruto. One day I hope to become a mangaka and maybe an anime of it will be produced. I also like other anime and manga such as Naruto, Digimon, Beyblade, School Rumble, Fruits Basket, Hayate the Combat Butler, When Cicadas Cry and Tokyo Mew Mew.