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{{Exp item| <name> | <count> }}


Name of the item.
Number of that item.


Markup Result
{{Exp item|Poké Ball|1}} GO Poké Ball.png×1
{{Exp item|Great Ball|5}} GO Great Ball.png×5
{{Exp item|Ultra Ball|10}} GO Ultra Ball.png×10
{{Exp item|Potion|15}} GO Potion.png×15
{{Exp item|Super Potion|20}} GO Super Potion.png×20
{{Exp item|Hyper Potion|25}} GO Hyper Potion.png×25
{{Exp item|Max Potion|50}} GO Max Potion.png×50
{{Exp item|Revive|100}} GO Revive.png×100
{{Exp item|Max Revive|250}} GO Max Revive.png×250
{{Exp item|Razz Berry|500}} GO Razz Berry.png×500
{{Exp item|Incense|1,000}} GO Incense.png×1,000
{{Exp item|Lucky Egg|1,500}} GO Lucky Egg.png×1,500
{{Exp item|Egg Incubator|5,000}} GO Egg Incubator.png×5,000
{{Exp item|Lure Module|10,000}} GO Lure Module.png×10,000