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[[User:Riox-Ibui/N (anime)|N (anime)]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/FavPokéBox|FavPokéBox]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Bulba League|Bulba League]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Anime Team Predictions|Anime Team Predictions]] ; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Teams|Teams]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Hiroto|Hiroto]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Ellie|Ellie]] ; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Type Teams|Type Teams]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Generation VI:What do I excpect|Generation VI:What do I excpect]]
[[User:Riox-Ibui/N (anime)|N (anime)]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/FavPokéBox|FavPokéBox]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Bulba League|Bulba League]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Anime Team Predictions|Anime Team Predictions]] ; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Teams|Teams]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Hiroto|Hiroto]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Ellie|Ellie]] ; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Type Teams|Type Teams]]; [[User:Riox-Ibui/Generation VI:What do I excpect|Generation VI:What do I excpect]]
[[User:Riox-Ibui/Light (type)|Light (type)]]
==Game Teams==
==Game Teams==

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342Crawdaunt Dream.png'"I think I could get to like this atmosphere. It gives me an idea about the kind of person that battles here ...!"''

'Water Master Riox Ibui'


イブイ Ibui
"The Water Master!"
Black White Cheren.png
Age 18
Gender Male
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Hometown Cerulean City
Region Kanto
Trainer class Gym Leader* Pokémon Trainer Pokémon Coordinator Pokémon Master
Specializes in Water types

'Riox' is a Pokemon Trainer from the Kanto region.He is a Pokemon Coordinator and a Water type Pokemon Master as well. ~ Riox Ibui... !'


'He joined Bulbapedia a in december 2012.As a user his current goal is to be a Junior Administrator. He beginned his travel with a newly hatched Togepi.After watching and discoverin many pokémon he decided to make his goal ; being the a Water type Pokemon Master. 'He first travelled through the Kanto region.Then he went to Johto.After that he went to the Hoenn region where he started to take part in the Pokemon Contests.Than he went to the Sinnoh region.Now he is in his travell through the Unova region with his travelling companions.'

Favorite Characters


As his goal is to be a Water type Pokemon Master ,he always tends to capture Water type pokémon,but his team is also composted by other types pokémon.

On hand

Riox's Togetic
Egg → Togepi → Togetic
Togetic is Riox's starter pokémon.He is seen always seen outside of its Poké Ball.Togetic was the second pokémon that Riox used in his battle against Virgil.It managed to defeat Virgil's Leafeon.In the end he was used against Virgil's Eevee, and won, making Riox the winner.

Togetic's known moves are Metronome, Ancient Power, Aerial Ace and Zap Cannon.

Debut BW103
Riox's Samurott
Oshawott → Dewott → Samurott
Samurott is the first pokémon that Riox captured in the Unova region,as an Oshawott.He is his 'premium brand'.During a battle against Misty he evolved into a Dewott.In the Aspertia Gym he was send out to battle Cheren 's Stoutland, and evolved into a Samurott.

It was used against Virgil's Jolteon ending in draw.

Samurott's known moves are Hydro Pump, Razor Shell, Hydro Cannon and Megahorn.

Debut BW103
Riox's Simipour
Panpour → Simipour
Simipour is the second pokémon that Riox captured in the Unova region, as a Panpour.After having a battle with the Striaton trio, Cress gave to Riox a Water Stone.He then evolved his Panpour.

He was the sixth pokémon that Riox used aginst Virgil.He fought against Virgil's Flareon defeating it.

Simipour's known moves are Scald, Shadow Claw, Ice Punch and Focus Blast.

Debut BW103
Riox's Zoroark
Zorua → Zoroark
Zoroark is the third pokémon that Riox captured in the Unova region,first as a Zorua.After having a battle with N, Zorua evolved into a Zoroark.

He was the third pokémon tha Riox used against Virgil.He fought agianst Virgil's Umbreon and defeated it.Then it was defeated by Virgil's Espeon.

Zoroark's known moves are Night Daze, Foul Play, Flamethrower and Dark Pulse.

Debut BW103
Riox's Jellicent
Frillish → Jellicent ShinyVStar.png
Jellicent is the fifth pokémon that Riox captured in the Unova region.

Jellicent's known moves are Ominous Wind, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball and Psychic.

Debut BW103
Riox's Dragonite
Dragonite is the sixth pokémon that Riox captured in the Unova region.

Dragonite's known moves are Hurricane, Dragon Rush, Surf and Outrage.

Debut BW103

At home

Lickitung Debut.png
Forbidden Forest Bulbasaur.png
Pidgeot anime.png
Growlithe → Arcanine
Virgil Vaporeon.png
Egg → Eevee → Vaporeon
Misty Politoed.png
Poliwag → Poliwhirl → Politoed
Misty Corsola.png
Ash Lapras.png
Misty Gyarados.png
Jessie Dustox.png
Katie Walrein.png
Spheal → Sealeo → Walrein
Izabe Island Absol.png
Barry Empoleon.png
Piplup → Prinplup → Empoleon
Paul Electivire ThunderPunch.png
Elekid → Elektabuzz → Electivire
Ash Buizel Ice Punch.png
Paul Froslass.png
Snorunt → Froslass
Jessie Yanmega.png
Iris Emolga.png
Luke Zorua.png
Egg → Zorua


N (anime); FavPokéBox; Bulba League; Anime Team Predictions ; Teams; Hiroto; Ellie ; Type Teams; Generation VI:What do I excpect

Light (type)

Game Teams

Pokemon Red and Green

Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon Black

Pokemon Black and White 2

Pokemon X and Y

Tag Battle

Second Tag Battle


Riox's Pokémon
On hand:
176 Togetic 
503 Samurott 
516 Simipour 
571 Zoroark 
593 Jellicent 
149 Dragonite 


571.png This user comes from Albania.
VSN.png This user identifies as male.
VSCheren 2.png This user is 18 years old.
503.png This user is a Water-type trainer.
Spr 5b 176.png This user's starter Pokémon is Togetic.
VSCheren.png This user is a Pokémon Coordinator.