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Welcome to the user page of Razergon. This page is not full of official pokemon information, instead is full of information made up by me. Basically, this page is used for 'making up' purposes. Further information and improvement on this page will be made soon.
Thanks, Razergon 07:24, 27 September 2008 (UTC)

:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-Please note the following information is MADE UP!!-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:~:-:

Pokemon- Seron region characters

Delilah Violet (Elite Four #3)

Delilah Violé
Violet Vylo
[[File:File:DP Lady.png|{{{size}}}]]
No exact image available/ as a young girl
Gender Female
Eye color Grey
Hair color Purple
Hometown Cerulean at first but lived at many places and regions
Region Seronn and Sinnoh
Relatives Grandmother, grandfather and little cousin in Celestic Town, cousin Koga, cousin Sabrina, cousin Cynthia, aunt Fantina, sister Pike Queen Lucy, grandmother Agatha and nephew Bugsy
Trainer class Elite Four
Generation Generation 5
Games N/A
Elite Four of Indigo Plateau


Generation IV


Generation V