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My Lunchbox

132.png This user is transgender.
Pokédex BW art.png This user strives to complete the Pokédex.
HeartGold SoulSilver Logo.png This user was an early supporter of remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
446.png This user's favorite food is Reuben sandwich.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
132.png This user is a trainer of all types.
60px This user is afraid of clowns.
182.png This user loves summer.
CartoonNetwork.png This user watches the Pokémon anime on Cartoon Network.
OriginalSeries2.png This user likes the original series of the Pokémon anime.
DiamondandPearl.png This user likes the Diamond & Pearl series of the Pokémon anime.
YouTube logo.png This user watches the Pokémon anime on YouTube.
Spr HGSS Brock.png This user has brown hair.
008.png This user is an Aquarius.
468.png This user is Christian.
406.png This user's favorite baby Pokémon is Budew.
151.png This user's favorite legendary Pokémon is Mew.
Appeal.png This user's favorite shipping is Appealshipping.
143.png This user's favorite move is Body Slam.
006.png This user's favorite move is Flamethrower.
054.png This user's favorite type is Water.
359.png This user's favorite type is Dark.
130 s.png ShinyIIStars.png This user has a Shiny Gyarados. ShinyIIStars.png
Shaymin Sky.png This user likes to create Fakémon.
493 s.png This user doesn't like cheating in Pokémon games.
001.png This user is a non-legendary Pokémon trainer.
446.png This user thinks that they are a nuisance.
198.png This user prefers the nighttime.
60px This user's favorite Gym Leader is Misty.
60px This user's favorite Gym Leader is Flannery.
60px This user's favorite Gym Leader is Candice.
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This user is easily confused.
143.png This user's favorite Normal-type Pokémon is Snorlax.

026.png Richu wants a hug

I'm Random Chaos a crazy person who likes Pokémon and My Little Pony friendship is magic

Anime Pokémon

This is a work in progress for a thing showing people Pokémon that I thought the main characters and Tracy should have caught. OK Iris and Cilan still have screen time but less face it. There only ever going to have 3 Pokémon. Also space holders for custom sprites.


Spr BW Ace Trainer M.png

093.png 022.png 035.png

167.png 241.png 246.png

325.png 359.png 447.png

568.png 554.png 627.png


Spr BW Swimmer F.png

043.png 062.png 072.png

Spr 4h 130 f s.png 170.png 226.png

258.png 278.png 283.png

349.png 363.png 456.png



File:Spr BW Pokemon Breeder M.png


095.png 037.png

104.png 111.png 132.png

206.png191.png 213.png

219.png 285.png 293.png

296.png 304.png 327.png

328.png 340.png 369.png

400.png 449.png


File:HGSS Super Nerd.png

262.png 441.png


Spr BW Lass.png

280.png 303.png


Spr BW School Kid M.png

252.png 280.png 287.png


File:HGSS Beauty.png

088.png 216.png 412.png

406.png 425.png


Spr BW Iris.png

621.png 633.png 595.png

333.png 255.png 147.png

570.png 574.png


Spr BW Cilan.png

506.png 585.png 622.png

632.png 605.png 613.png


File:HGSS Rocket Grunt F.pngSpr 4h 052.pngFile:HGSS Rocket Grunt M.png

137.png 238.png 302.png

434.png 509.png 543.png


225.png 316.png 459.png

597.png 556.png 290.png


User:Random Chaos/Sandbox

User:Random Chaos/Fakemon


Ships I support.

Ash x Misty

Pikachu x Buneary

Brock x Lucyx Sabrina

Jessie x Jane

Tracy x Daisy

May x Drew

Dawn x Zoey

Paul x Berry

Iris x Cilan x Burgundy x Georgia

Favorite Pokémon

I love all the starters but Snivy

Pokémon Original sprite Current sprite Why? Still?
Charizard Spr 1b 006.png 006.png My Favourite Fire type. A dragon that you get for free. I love the fire flying combo. Now that we got Arel Ace and Solarbeam. Yas I love it.
Squirtle Spr 1b 007.png 007.png My Favourite Water type. My starter in both red and blue. This little guy is still going strong
Arbok Spr 1b 024.png 024.png My Favourite Poison type. Its a gient snake. What more cool than that? Seviper might out shine it but Arbok is cooler.
Clefairy Spr 1b 035.png 035.png This is one of the cutesist Pokémon. In red I caought this thing and she was a good member of my team. It is not good for a battle but it is still cute. Clefable is a Part of my Ruby team.
Psyduck Spr 1b 054.png 054.png You are annoying to Misty so funny Iris May and Dawn don't get a psyduck
Dodrio Spr 1b 085.png 085.png It can't fly but I Use it it beat up grass types I still think its cool looking
Muk Spr 1b 089.png 089.png It has to be a guy thing, because I don't get it ether. I was Ash's got more screen time and that Dawn kept Grimer Like I said I don't get this one.
Haunter Spr 1b 093.png 093.png It's a Ghost, It looks cool and it's funny, My original favorite Ghost There are a lot more Ghosts now but hes still good
Drowzee Spr 1b 096.png 096.png I had Insomnia all my life so this neat looking yellow thing putting people to sleep and eating there bad dreams sounded like a Pokemon for me. Sleep is no longer elusive, sorry. The irony is now you have Insomnia
Cubone Spr 1b 104.png 104.png The cutesiest ground type there is. I wish Brock had one It's still cute
Scyther Spr 1b 123.png 123.png Ninja Dinosaur mantis with swords for hands and can fly. To bad I can never catch one out side of the bug contest Scizor is made of metal and red. Green is better then red in all other cases but not this one
Tauros Spr 1b 128.png 128.png It's just cool to bad it's such a pain to catch. A good Normal type.
Gyarados Spr 1b 130.png 130.png I never really liked him in the first gen. But I like him more now. I will never understand way it's a flying type. Love the shinny. Two words Aqua Tail
Eevee Spr 1b 133.png 133.png It's cute has cute powerful Evolutions I tray to get hem all
Snorlax Spr 1b 143.png 143.png Cute fat powerhouse, Body Slam for massive damage. My all time favorite Pokemon. Cute fat powerhouse that can use Crunch and Heavy Slam
Articuno Spr 1b 144.png 144.png I mostly don't like legendary Pokemon one of few exceptions. It's cool as Ice and pretty
Mew Spr 1b 151.png 151.png Another legendary I like way dos Nintendo keep you from me?
Ariados Spr 2g 168.png 168.png Big giant Spider in the house To band it's not a useful Big giant Spider. I want an evolution for this guy, Maybe into a Dark type
Chinchou Spr 2s 170.png 170.png At the time Water and Electric were my favorite types. There still in my top five and hes still cute. I wan ted Misty to have one
Lanturn Spr 2s 171.png 171.png And now it's a dolphin I have no idea if this is at all practical in competitive batting.
Sudowoodo Spr 2g 185.png 185.png Just because it's silly. Get an evolution
Politoed Spr 2g 186.png 186.png All glory to Hypotoad And now it can have Drizzle
Scizor Spr 2g 212.png 212.png My other favorite 2nd generation Pokémon Wish it was faster
Heracross Spr 2s 214.png 214.png It's a fighting type Beetle and a powerhouse I like you kid you got moxie
Sneasel Spr 2g 215.png 215.png Ice dark, so cool. To bad it's stats are backwards Ice Punch and Night slash and backwards no more
Teddiursa Spr 2s 216.png 216.png It's cute Yep just cute
Tyranitar Spr 2g 248.png 248.png Dark type Godzilla GODZILLA! GODZILLA! GODZILLA!
Swampert Spr 3r 260.png 260.png The best starter outside of first gen to bad it's so slow Waterfall Earthquake and Ice Punch
Gardevoir Spr 3r 282.png 282.png Psychic powerhouse and beautiful To bad they make Psychics lamer is every generation
Hariyama Spr 3r 297.png 297.png It's a Sumo. I don't know if it's practical to have it
Sableye Spr 3r 302.png 302.png It's cute in a Creepy way. So it has no weaknesses big deal It's just creepy and neat
Medicham Spr 3r 308.png 308.png Psychic and fighting. Stronger then it looks. I like it better then the other Pokemon with it's types.
Torkoal Spr 3r 324.png 324.png Maybe it's because I associate it with the hottest girl in Pokémon. No pun intended. But this is one Pokémon I like. I really got to learn if my fave Pokémon are good on the battlefield.
Cacnea Spr 3r 331.png 331.png A Pokémon based on a cactus and possibly a Pumpkin my two favorite plants together. Also it's my favorite Team Rocket Pokémon after Arbok. Cacturne is cool and I like scarecrows. But I can't think of him without thinking of, him.
Altaria Spr 3r 334.png 334.png My favorite shinny Pokemon and a pretty dragon that sings. It's just here because it looks nice.
Crawdaunt Spr 3r 342.png 342.png I love water and Dark Types. Just wish they whet with Lobstar. It's funny looking and I like it. To bad it's a bully.
Armaldo Spr 3r 348.png 348.png Dinosaur Bug that really is ancient. He comes so close to replacing Scizor as the baddest bug around Find a replacement for Roost and then we will do some business.
Milotic Spr 3r 350.png 350.png It's a water type and so pretty. Yes it's a pain to get, and I never did but I don't care. one of my top favorite shinny Pokémon. There are a lot of water types out there and truing to team dark and team fighting damping my effusion but it's OK.
Absol Spr 3r 359.png 359.png It's Absol for crying out loud Wish you had the stats to back up you're awesomeness
Salamence Spr 3r 373.png 373.png When I think Dragon Pokémon I eater come up with him or the Gible line. It's a game breaker.
Deoxys Spr 3r 386.png 386.png It's an Alien and a shape shifter What for you have horrible HP?
Torterra Spr 4d 389.png 389.png 4th Gen best starters scene the original ones. It's a Dinosaur with a tree Ground and Grass type is a cool combo
Infernape Spr 4d 392.png 392.png Like I said best starters. and Best Fire Fighting type Just have Fighting as a forth choice already
Piplup Spr 4d 393.png 393.png Penguins are awesome. Even if this dos not evolve into an Ice or Flying type. Water Steel is cool.
Staraptor Spr 4d 398 m.png 398.png From cute starling to A powerful raptor. Love this thing. Wish it was a fighting type or it somehow gets a slot in super smash bros.
Bibarel Spr 4d 400 m.png 400.png Really. Well I like things I don't think anyone else dos It souled have wings. Making flying Bibarel an internet meme is on my too do list.
Budew Spr 4d 406.png 406.png The cutest baby Pokémon It's a baby it's not supposed to be practical. I think baby's should be a loophole in the 3 evolutionary stage thing.
Roserade Spr 4d 407 f.png 407.png Unlike other Pokémon that I wish exploited the loophole I wish for Roserade is still the end evolution. It's cool it's beautiful. It's not the worse grass type but it still could be better.
Rampardos Spr 4d 409.png 409.png Dinosaur and monster attack This this is a battering ram. But it;s an awesome one
Drifloon Spr 4d 425.png 425.png Another cutey Tre Magefeaque. Wish Drifblim evolved into a zeppelin or something.
Lopunny Spr 4d 428.png 428.png I like girly Pokemon. As a normal type it's kinda lost in the crowd. But I like it
Stunky Spr 4d 434.png 434.png I like Skunks even if this one could have been cutter, and it's a dark type. Skuntank is pretty powerful
Gible Spr 4d 443 m.png 443.png Cute dinosaur dragon shark thing, that swims in sand. It's so weird how can you not like it
Garchomp Spr 4d 445 m.png 445.png Awesome dinosaur dragon shark fighter jet thing This Dragon and Ground type is a game breaker
Lucario Spr 4d 448.png 448.png Anubis based and fighting steel type. I like inspect of being the poster boy for 4th gen
Hippowdon Spr 4d 450 m.png 450.png Sand Hippo King It's a ground type that hits like a cannon
Carnivine Spr 4d 455.png 455.png I don't know, it's just weird. I'm not much of a grass fan
Weavile Spr 4d 461 f.png 461.png It's a dark type It's a powerhouse breed it for Ice Punch and destroy all opponents
Magnezone Spr 4d 462.png 462.png I'm a Sifi fan it's a cool cambo and a UFO Deference and Power
Yanmega Spr 4d 469.png 469.png Another big giant killer bug Bug flying not a good combo
Froslass Spr 4d 478.png 478.png I love this thing a Yuki onna Ice Ghost is it good? I don't know if it's good in battle
Shaymin Spr 4d 492.png 492.png It's a grass type and a legendary but I like it. Guess it's just that cute. To bad Flying form is not
Oshawott Spr 5b 501.png 501.png I always liked you best So you're not a Samurai. I love you
Lillipup Spr 5b 506.png 506.png A Yorkshire Terrier Love the breed Evolves into a Powerful normal type
Roggenrola Spr 5b 524.png 524.png A Bob boom like rock type One hit from Volt switch had me nostalgic for Geodude but it's OK
Seismitoad Spr 5b 537.png 537.png Water ground frog I think it Kicks but. It looks good on paper at least.
Leavanny Spr 5b 542.png 542.png Its a cool Grass type and a bug type as an added bonus I here it's competitive but I don't know.
Whimsicott Spr 5b 547.png 547.png No Idea way I'm putting this one up here Prankster, makes it win.
Sandile Spr 5b 551.png 551.png It's cute and a Ground dark type Krookodile, is a good Pokémon
Scrafty Spr 5b 560.png 560.png Despite being a punk it's a good Pokémon and my two favorite types. If only it was not orange. IDK it's a good combo
Vanillite Spr 5b 582.png 582.png It's Ice Cream a evolves into Juggernaut Ice type
Deerling Spr 5b 585.png 585.png Cute dear to bad it's a pain to run into I would have made this this a grass fighting type
Galvantula Spr 5b 596.png 596.png Another big giant spider. and this one is electric Hope its good enough.
Ferrothorn Spr 5b 598.png 598.png It's a defensive durian I should hate it. Iron Barbs my best guess.
Elgyem Spr 5b 605.png 605.png An alien, again it's the Sifi geek Slow but powerful evo.
Haxorus Spr 5b 612.png 612.png It should be a steel type but oh well. What for not a steel type
Mienshao Spr 5b 620.png 620.png It's a fighting weasel a fighting type and self healing
Golurk Spr 5b 623.png 623.png Big giant robot ground ghost type my favorite Pokémon of the generation To bad it can't do better then Shadow Punch
Braviary Spr 5b 628.png 628.png Should be a fighting type still awesome Good stats but run of the mill typing
Cobalion Spr 5b 638.png 638.png Best trio ever Steel fighting
Terrakion Spr 5b 639.png 639.png Sword beast Rock fighting Ox
Virizion Spr 5b 640.png 640.png Sword beast and more feminine Grass fighting umm ya
Keldeo Spr 5b 647.png 647.png Unicorn sword beast Water Unicorn FTW
Meloetta Spr 5b 648.png Spr 5b 648P.png The Muse Pokémon it should have an acting from and be female but oh well. It's a legend but with strange typing.