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My Lunchbox

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I'm Random Chaos a crazy person who likes Pokémon and My Little Pony friendship is magic

Anime Pokémon

This is a work in progress for a thing showing people Pokémon that I thought the main characters and Tracy should have caught. OK Iris and Cilan still have screen time but less face it. There only ever going to have 3 Pokémon. Also space holders for custom sprites.


Pokémon Way?
093.png Haunter Haunter, as a kid it took me a while to understand this wasn't a Pokémon Ash cought. I'm probably not the only one.
035.png Clefairy It was Almost Clefairy instead of Pikachu, it's to bad he never got one.
022.png Fearow One of the main differences between electrical tail of Pikachu and the anime is Ash has this Pokémon.
167.png Spinarak creepy cute Pokémon, very common in Jhoto and I thought I would be cute to have around this is one common Pokémon I think needs a little more love.
241.png Miltank x 30 Okay this one is not really serious, just Miltank to go with his Tauros.
196.png Espeon Espeon is a cool Pokemon and it would have been cool if this Eevee was on his team.
246.png Larvitar I was so disappointed when the little guy didn't go with Ash. Probably not the only one.
325.png Spoink Spoink is such a cute little guy, and I thought ash was catching it.
359.png Absol Absol pure awesome and my favorite type, there was a great chance to give Ash an Absol but they didn't
447.png Riolu Anther random one I think most of the people who played the game and knew who rally was felt like they left out a golden opportunity.
568.png Trubbish Best Poison type, I don't care if you are a trash bag you are cute. So yaa I would have loved to see Trubbish as one of Ash's Pokemon
554.png Darumaka He has two grass and two water types in his rotashin team right now so way not this cute powerhouse.
627.png Rufflet Just so he can have a Braviary.
622.png Golett It evolves into my fav 5th gen Pokemon


Spr HGSS Misty.png

Pokémon Way?
043.png Oddish Misty wanted this Pokémon and I thought it would be cute as her token non water type and it would be sweet to evolve it into Bellossom.
062.png Poliwrath The other evolved form of the favorite of somebody on staff. I thoght Misty could get two Poliwhirl so one could be Poliwrath
072.png Tentacool Ok she already caught Her Horsea that episode but she likes the Pokémon and there were so many that day.
Spr 4h 130 f s.png Gyarados One of two Pokémon that I thought Misty should have caught instead of who did end up doing the catching. Sorry Lance.
170.png Chinchou Love this Pokémon and it's both water and anti-water
223.pngRemoraid an interesting Pokémon and it evolves into an octopus.
258.png Mudkip The third gen was the wrong time to cut her lose it had great water types, and the other Pokémon that I truly thought Misty should have caught instead.
278.png Wingull It's cute and it's the first water flying type to be in the air, I thought that was more then good enough
283.png Surskit Bug water cue evil laugh
349.png Feebas Evolves into one Remarkable Pokémon.
363.png Spheal a cute little ball of Power, Misty would have loved having him.
382.png Kyogre the prefect Pokémon for Misty to catch and fulfill her dream as Water type master. Her journey would have been finished and her story done.
458.png Mantyke But still a token 4th gen would have been nice.


Spr HGSS Brock.png


Pokémon Way?
095.png Onix Onix Brock's main Pokémon and different enough for him t o have one as well as his Steelix.
037.png Vulpix Stayed with Brock for a while before going mack to Suzy if he caught a new one I would have liked it.

Pokémon Way?
104.png Cubone A Pokémon that needs more love and, there were not that many Rock types so a ground types back then would have been nice.
050.png Diglett digle dig digl dig digl dig, come on diglett is cute and needed more screen time.
111.png Rhyhorn Another rock type and a really cool Pokémon I thought Brock would have caught it, and then Rhyperior
132.pngDitto he is a Breeder.
191.png Sunkern Pokéathlon I thought they were going to be a thing in the anime and Brock was going to get into it.
213.png Shuckle Silly Pokémon Brock did not get much in gen 2 so yaa.
219.png Magcargo again Breeder
293.png Whismur onto Brock I bestow the Pokémon I just wanted somebody to catch but don't know who.
296.png Makuhita ok Mudkip goes to Misty I think this is the best subasatue around for Brock's needs, I mean when was it's type ever relevant to what Brock did with it? So this is Hoenn main Pokémon is this instead
304.png Aron Cute rock type for Brock
327.png Spinda it took me at least nine episodes to relies Brock did not catch broken heart Spinda.
328.png Trapinch a Ground type and Brock could have ussed this.
369.png Relicanth don't judge me.
449.png Hippopotas I just thought Brock was getting then in both his episodes.


Spr HGSS Super Nerd.png

Pokémon Way?
262.png Mightyena Ok I thought it was strange he had no sent tracker well here you go.
441.png Chatot A little bird for him to look in the air, and to mock his sketches.
Spr 5b 123 f.png Scyther♀ Okay his old warrior, is getting on in years, so maybe his legacy should love on with a sun and doughtier.
Spr 5b 212 m.png Scizor Scyther's sun should be the one to evolve.
357.png Tropius I think it would be funny if Tracy had really strong HM slave Pokémon.
400.png Bibarel Bibarel, see above.


Spr E May.png

Pokémon Way?
280.png Ralts Evolves into my 2nd favorite Pokémon, and I thought anime contests were going to have categories so Ralts for Smart
303.png Mawile an under loved Pokémon and for though contests.
333.png Swablu Way didn't she catch it again?


Ok for max it's the Pokémon I want him to have when he's on his journey trying to keep it 3rd gen centric.

Spr BW School Kid M.png

Pokémon Way?
280.png Ralts come on he's catching her.
287.png Slakoth A Pokémon that his dad might get him, or that he will want for himself
285.png Shroomish I think the same type as the first Pokémon he befriended would be nice for him to catch.
363.png Spheal Water type for him
322.png Numel would be good fire type for him
333.png Swablu his flying type and a nood to wally, like being a green haired kid with a Ralts
081.pngMagnemite Electric type and Wally nood.
347.png Anorith They keep showing how you can have extinct Pokémon on the show but the keep stooping people from having them. so Max here is you're anent powerful crustacean.
353.png Shuppet Another Pokémon he befriended and I think he would catch if he got the chance.
261.png Poochyena and one more.


Spr DP Dawn.png

Pokémon Way?
088.png Grimer I almost expired them to say "Dawn has bounded so mutch with her Grimer we are letting her keep it."
077.png Ponyta It's an under loved pretty Pokemon and shes all girly so a pony for her.
216.png Teddiursa with the 2nd gen nostalgia going on I wanted Dawn to have this one.
406.png Budew one more cute Pokémon for her.
425.png Drifloon cute and strange I would have liked it is Dawn had one.


Spr BW Iris.png

Pokémon Way?
621.png Druddigon one of the Pokémon she has in your first battle with her. So I was hoping he would catch one eventually. Also it is a Dragon!
595.png Joltik okay not a Dragon at Berkeley cute little Pokémon. and with that hair I figured the whole family could be living in it without her knowing.
633.png Deino I think that she wasn't going to get a second member of Axew line so this would be the best substitution. And then they wrote an episode that seem to scream Iris catches Deino, but she didn't.....
255.png Torchic okay another non-Dragon but hear me out here. with May and Dawn they hade them both To starter Pokémon from two generations ago. And when I hope the trend would continue it didn't. Torchic is adorable and it's a good anti-anti-Dragon.
371.png Bagon another Dragon type. Cute becomes powerful
131.png Lapras when her game counterpart had a Pokémon I was like, maybe she should catch Lapras to counter her fear of ice types.
304.png Aron Anuther Pokémon she had in the game and a good ice counter.
566.png Archen and rounding off her game Pokémon a dinosaur.


Spr BW Cilan.png

Pokémon Way?
506.png Lillipup okay he's supposed to be a grass type guy but he and his brothers had this cute Lilipup in the game and I was expecting them to have it in the anime and for it to go with him.
585.png Deerling IDK just thought he should catch one of these cute little deceptively powerful Pokémon
556.png Maractus silly grass type that's underappreciated.
574.png Gothita It's a cute little Pokémon that we saw next to him in Promotional artwork for the Pokémon Musicals


Spr BW Bianca.png

Pokémon Way?
517.png Munna Come on besides her starter it's her favorite Pokémon in the game.
506.png Lillipup cute Pokémon that she has in the game.
619.png Mienfoo again she has it in Pokémon black-and-white and an extra fighting type never hurts.
607.png Litwick an underappreciated Pokémon that she has in the game.
548.png Petilil I didn't really understand why the game gave them both an elemental monkey so here's the substitution
570.png Zorua Ohh Zorua, she loves this Pokémon
531.png Audino a medic for if she becomes a researcher.
029.png Nidoran♀ okay I do not understand most of that Pokémon world tournament team she has. Except for this so maybe he could acquire it and it would have the Sheer Force ability.


Spr B2W2 Roxie.png

Pokémon Way?
568.png Trubbish okay she has it's evolved form but she the poison type trainer and Trubbish is super cute.
472.png Gliscor okay not a poison type. But it looks pretty toxic and with its Poison Heal ability it fits in with her Toxic Team.
294.png Loudred also not poison type but she's a rock star and this thing is a living loudspeaker.

Team Rocket

Spr HGSS Rocket Grunt F.pngSpr 4h 052.pngSpr HGSS Rocket Grunt M.png



Pokémon Way?
108.pngLickitung so apparently Lickitung was the least popular Pokémon ever owned by a main character. Well I didn't dislike it. So maybe

but yeah keep it from evolving.

090.png Shellder To bad she didn't get a new Shellder after she lost hers.

Pokémon Way?
137.pngPorygon okay so the one and only episode it was in caused seizures. Still I thought Porygon would have been a great Pokémon for Jesse and then it got totally cool evolutions. Hey maybe with there ban on showing it again she really does have it.
238.pngSmoochum she wants one simple as that.
302.png Sableye they befriended this Pokémon but left it behind weird.
434.pngStunky she loves poison types and this is an under loved cute poison type.
509.png Purrloin so Meowth would finally have a girlfriend. The poor guys been through so much he needs the universe to throw him a bone, or a bird...?
543.png another poison type and one cool bug.
630.png Mandibuzz it's a vulture somehow I just think this Pokémon suits her.


Pokémon Way?
227.png Skarmory He caught nothing that gen NOTHING! Skarmory is a cool Pokémon that kidnaps people and other Pokémon it's deffcive and good for Pokeringer.
316.png Gulpin a Poison Pokémon that I thought he would catch to be Weezing's substrate like Seviper
290.png Nincada It could evole and give him his own Pokémon for the ringer compaction
451.png Skorupi I just thought it would be cute
436.pngBronzor hes kinda sorta a defense guy here is a nice Pokémon for that
459.png Snover He loves grass types and this one would be a good one for him
605.png Elgyem Stange cute Pokémon for the guy who got the most shafted for new Pokémon
597.png Ferroseed Grass and defense


Spr HGSS Silver.png

Pokémon Way?
160.png Feraligatr Water is my favorite type so I was waiting for him to have a cool water type for a while and I was let down by Gastrodon
130.png Gyarados A Kamon Silver nod and a water type that suits him
464.png Rhyperior 4th gen you introduced a pretty brutal Pokémon and a brutal trainer but you did not unite them.
335.png Zangoose It's a strong Pokémon and to tray to use his old Pokémon's phobia ageist sounds like something Paul would do.


Spr DP Barry.png

Pokémon Way?
143.png Snorlax His game counterpart had my favorite Pokémon he dos not.
078.pngRapidash an under shown Pokémon and his game counterpart has it.
154.pngMeganium So he has a Jhoto starter like Dawn and I wish Paul had.


Pokémon Way?
282.png Gardevoir well she needs a Fairy type now.
334.pngAltaria It's a Dragon that dos not look like a dragon and learns Ice moves.
303.pngMawile Mawile is now a Steel/Fairy great for a dragon buster and Mega Mawile.
080.pngSlowbro I wanted Iris to have a Blaziken even scene Best Wishes started, so Georgia needs a Blaziken buster.


User:Random Chaos/Sandbox

User:Random Chaos/Fakemon


Ships I support.

Ash x Misty

Pikachu x Buneary

Brock x Lucyx Sabrina

Jessie x Jane

Tracy x Daisy

May x Drew

Dawn x Zoey

Paul x Berry

Iris x Cilan

Cilan x Burgundy

Iris x Georgia