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This list is a record of the official English and Russian spellings for Pokémon names. Prior to Gen VII Pokémon names were not localized in Italian but were rather kept in English. Names are listed by number in the order dictated by the National Pokédex, meaning that Pokémon from the Alola region will appear first, followed by those from subsequent regions.


  • English: The official localized name as dictated by Nintendo of America and used in all English-language games and merchandise.
  • Italian: The official Spanish name used in the Italian-language TCG and merchandise.

List of Italian Pokémon names

The only other Pokémon to be localized is Type: Null to Tipo Zero. User:Raltseye/Lop/foreignhead/it

|- style="background:#FFFFFF;" | ??? | align="center" | ??? | Type: Null | Tipo Zero |}

by National Pokédex no. EnglishJapaneseGermanFrenchKoreanChineseThai
by regional Pokédex no. KantoNewJohto • Hoenn (Gen IIIGen VI) • Sinnoh
Unova (BWB2W2) • Kalos • Alola (SMUSUM) • Galar (Isle of Armor)
Unown Modein no regional Pokédexin every regional Pokédex
by regional Browser no. FioreAlmiaObliviain no regional Browserin every regional Browser
by index number Generation IGeneration IIGeneration IIIGeneration IV
Generation VGeneration VIGeneration VIIGeneration VIII
by other numbering systems DPBPPokéPark PadRansei GalleryShuffle listPicross listDuel LibraryGoogle Maps: Pokémon Challenge
by attributes AbilitycategoryhabitatcolorIQ groupgender differencesform differences
Egg Groupshapeheightweightunique type combinations
by evolution evolution family (GO) • no evolution familybranchedcross-generationlevels
by in-game stats base stats (Gen IGen II-VGen VIGen VIIfully evolvedunique base stat totalsGO)
performance statscatch rateEVs given in battle (Gen IIIGen IVGen V-VIGen VII) • gender ratio
steps to hatchavailabilitywild held item (Gen II) • experience typebase friendshipcall rate
miscellaneous alphabetically • field moves (Gen IGen IIGen IIIGen IVGen VGen VI)
Shadow PokémonPal Park areaPokéwalkerdebut episodeglitch
released with a Hidden Ability (Gen VGen VIGen VIIGen VIII) • ST Energy Shotpetting