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Hi there. I'm pumpkinking0192, but you can also call me pumpkinking, pumpkin, Jack, David, or anything else you can come up with... I'm not picky, as long as I can tell that I'm the one to whom you're talking.

I mostly correct grammatical issues and links (and I'm starting to learn link templates too - a bit). I'd much rather chop up someone else's writing and make it nice-looking than write it myself, so I won't be creating pages or sections much around here. I sometimes get a little aggressive with my edit summaries. Please ignore them; it's my way of letting it out so I don't have to go hit a punching bag or something. You probably aren't nearly as bad as I make you out to be.

I passionately detest usertags, so for your convenience, here are some of the basic things I look for in others' usertag sections: I'm male. As of this edit, I'm currently 21 (born January 1992). I was born and raised in central Texas and currently live in southeast Texas. I'm a college junior majoring in English Literature with a minor in Journalism. My native language is English, and I also speak French at a (very) basic conversational level.

I am a frequent user of GPX Plus and Veekun, but other than those two and Bulbapedia, I barely visit any Pokémon fansites. I'm a big fan of Fakemon, though, and have a Fakemon dex/region of my own floating around in my head waiting for me to actually make it (though that's unlikely to happen, since I can't draw worth a darn and detest plotting out stats and movesets and things of that sort).

For now, this space is primarily just here so that my username isn't a redlink anymore. I may pretty it up later, or I may not. Who knows.

My talk page is open to all; if you have something to say that's not Wiki-related, e-mail me through Bulbapedia or feel free to create an account on the GPX forums and message me there (username pumpkinking0192).

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