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File:May Anime Artwork.jpg I am the biggest May fan here I am sure.


File:MayDiamondPearl.png This is her present self.

File:May.jpg File:MayCostume.jpg
File:May contest.jpg File:Pokemon may wink.jpg
Liked Them?

Be Matured

File:May swimsuit.jpg File:May swimsuit2.JPG File:May Yellow Bikini.PNGWell when will they learn to download images properly. File:Maybathingsuit1.jpg File:MayContest.PNG File:Maycontestball.jpg

Anime Prediction

257 267 471 003 446 155
Blaziken Beautifly Glaceon Venusaur Munchlax Cyndaquil

Yep only Cyndaquiul is going to be new. And trust me i hate Cyndaquils.