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I'm probably gonna make a new page soon.....

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January 22, 2018


About Me

I joined Bulbapedia in March, though I've been using it for a long time. I usually edit typos and trivia, which are my best areas. I've been into Pokémon for over ten years now, and I've dabbled in almost all areas of it now. My favorite is the Pokémon Adventures manga, which I discovered for the first time in 2011. I just love Mato's amazing artwork, which is probably the only reason I read them. I've been watching the anime for a long time, and I've been collecting cards for a long time too. I also hate almost every shipping, except for RocketShipping, because it's official and I can impress my friends--somewhat. I also absolutely hate it when people make Pokémon bad, or inappropriate.


Apparently my favorite things are the nerdy things, like Star Wars. I collect Star Wars novels, and watch Clone Wars whenever there's a new episode. I've obviously been a fan of Pokémon, and I really love music. Taylor Swift is my favorite singer, and I listen to her music almost constantly. I love puzzles like sudoku, crosswords, and mazes. I watch TV a lot (obviously) and old TV shows (50's & 60's) are my favorites (usually). I read around 25-50% of my day, which is one my major pastimes.


Basically, my only contact is at: [email protected]