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Nothing like a slice of pizza to reduce stress.
Age 14
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dark Blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region America
Trainer class Trainer
My real name I shall not reveal but you can call me by my nickname Trip or my pseudo-name Kyle. Always been fascinated by the name Kyle for some reason. Anyway, I've been a member of Bulbapedia for over two year now and I had a shot to be a Junior Administrator, but I didn't have enough edits. I'll tackle it next year if i have the chance. Don't judge me for anything I do and stuff, I am a teenager, so I may have that rude attitude, luckily it hasn't sprang up on Bulbapedia. I am very good as a user on Bulbapedia and I will keep doing good over the next many years. My brother also has an account on here, he almost got me blocked by accident, but we got it worked out. I am a huge fan of things like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. My favorite bands are Linkin Park and Green Day. So that's my short story. Also, credit to Adyniz for this introduction thing.

Small News

I just got Minecraft and a YouTube account. My username on Minecraft is Pokedex649 (I share it with my brother) and my YouTube username is Bulbaboy13. Come check my channel out if you want. I do Let's Plays and other random nonsense. :D

Articles in Progress

Stalk me on other sites too! :D



  • Mewtwo - Number 1 favorite in the Top 10
  • Pikachu - Mascot of the series
  • Manaphy - When I was younger, I was even more into May, and I thought of Manaphy as my son
  • Groudon - Awesome looking dude!
  • Rayquaza - Really epic dragon, before my Emerald file corrupted, I was pwning trainer after trainer with mine.
  • Zekrom - Very strong
  • Kyurem - Can morph with Zekrom and Reshiram.
  • Genesect - Unstoppable with the right moves.
  • Pikablu - I like to call it 'Pikablu'
  • Lugia - No words can describe his awesomeness.


Characters from other franchises

  • Peach - #1
  • Zelda - #2
  • Sora - #3
  • Claire Redfield - #4
  • Ashley Graham - #5
  • Heather Mason - #6
  • Maria Robotnik - #7
  • Kari Kamiya - #8
  • Awaiting position
  • Awaiting position

Game Systems I own

Game Systems I used to own

  • Nintendo GameCube (Had another before it broke)
  • Nintendo 64 (Had a few of them, one we got rid of and the other fried in a thunderstorm)
  • Nintendo 3DS (One broke)

Other Interesting Facts

  • I have an uber Unown
  • I am a huge fan of the Pokémon series, the Sonic the Hedgehog series, the Silent Hill series and more
  • My Emerald Version deleted itself due to corruption or damage
  • I got my Nintendo DS Lite Christmas in 2009
  • I can speak some Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French
  • One of my most favorite Pokémon is Mewtwo
  • I have an account on many websites, including YouTube, Bulbapedia, and Pokémon.
  • I've encountered glitches no one else has.

Custom Characters

In the past I have created tons of characters. Here's some.

Pokémon series

  • Galofarnor (My first custom Pokémon)
  • Seanomoo (Legendary pink dolphin. Also, if you move the letters around, it will become Soonomea, a pun on the word tsunami)
  • Monchee (Legendary yellow turtle)
  • Divinun (The newest member of the Cheering Pokémon family)

Live Action Movies I'm Making for YouTube

Making some movies for YouTube! You will see them on the upcoming channel, PokéCraft Productions. Here's the list for those movies, check out the channel when it's released.


  • Slender

In Progress

None at this time. Check again later.


Ummm...uh, there's nothing here. Try checking another time.

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