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I don't really have that much time to explain anything, i'm a busy fellow. I've been here since June 2009, but i actually didn't join before February 2011, since i wanted to contribute a little to the site. My contributions will be where i feel there need to be a change, that's all.
{{User Project Pokédex}}
{{User Project Anime}}
I'm Back! After been away for over a year, it's time for me to contribute again. My interest in Pokémon have come back, and so i want to contribute once again. Feel very free to leave comments on my talk page this time, so that i may evaluate my contributions. I hope i can return with good sportsmanship, i haven't forgot the clashes of the past, but i don't want to remember it, so ''please'' bear over with me if you don't agree. Thank you and i hope i can get to edit a lot on this wonderful site.

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