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Hi! I'm a 14 year old guy who has Aspergers Syndrome and adores Pokémon! Since I wasn't able to ad this in the stuff next to this, my favorite elemental type is the Dark-Type! I hate the TCG! I do not care what other people say about it, it is stupid. Like other people, when I first saw Pokémon I thought it was stupid. I had very little knowledge when I started it on my 12th birthday. But now, i've gotten smarter and stronger! My favorite move is The Rise of Darkrai. I like it 'cause it has Darkrai in it. DARKRAI ROCKS! Sorry about the text align left thing at the top, by the way.

If I were a trainer in Kanto, here's the Pokémon I'd use:

If I were a trainer in Johto, here's the Pokémon I'd use: