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(In my Pokémon Black Version)
(In my Pokémon Emerald Version)
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|move4=Iron Defense|move4type=Steel|move4cat=Status}}
|move4=Iron Defense|move4type=Steel|move4cat=Status}}
|ability=Minus|level=100|gender=male|type1=Electric|held=Focus Sash
|ability=Rock Head|level=100|gender=male|type1=Steel|type2=Rock|held=Focus Sash
|move1=Iron Head|move1type=Steel|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Grass Knot|move2type=Grass|move2cat=Special
|move2=Stone Edge|move2type=Rock|move2cat=Physical
|move4=Aerial Ace|move4type=Flying|move4cat=Physical
|move3=Signal Beam|move3type=Bug|move3cat=Special}}
|move3=Ice Punch|move3type=Ice|move3cat=Physical}}

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Pokémon Games


Hi! I'm a 13 year old guy who has Aspergers Syndrome and adores Pokémon! Since I wasn't able to ad this in the stuff next to this, my favorite elemental type is the Dark-Type! I hate the TCG! I do not care what other people say about it, it is stupid. Like other people, when I first saw Pokémon I thought it was stupid. I had very little knowledge when I started it on my 12th birthday. But now, i've gotten smarter and stronger! My favorite move is The Rise of Darkrai. I like it 'cause it has Darkrai in it. DARKRAI ROCKS! Sorry about the text align left thing at the top, by the way.

Here's the Pokémon i'll get FireRed:

In my Pokémon FireRed Version

Here's the Pokémon i'll get in SoulSilver:

In my Pokémon SoulSilver Version

Here's the Pokémon i'll get in Emerald:

In my Pokémon Emerald Version

Here's the Pokémon i'll get in Platinum:

In my Pokémon Platinum Version

Here's the Pokémon i'll try to get in Black:

In my Pokémon Black Version

Note that the Pokémon's moves in White are just temporary. I don't know if i'll use my Action Replay or not. And my Pokémon will not know any illegal moves! Ex: Typhlosion that knows Energy Ball will not exist. And I will get all Pseudo-Legendaries! Meaning that I will get Bagon and Beldum in Emerald, Gible in Platinum, Larvitar and the Dratini that knows ExtremeSpeed in SoulSilver, and Monozu in Black. However I will not use Bagon and Gible until I transfer them to my SoulSilver for the Battle Frontier.