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If you are new to my talk page, you might wanna read my rules first. Don't worry, these are not too strict, and they still follow the policies of Bulbapedia.


1. If you are going to reply to my talk page because I post a message there, don't reply here and reply it instead to your talk page. So we can keep the conversation in one place. Don't worry, I look to my Watchlist more often than you thought.

2. Don't remove comments in my talk page. It is not only against my rules, it also against the talk page policy. If that purpose is to reduce the size of my talk page, leave it to me. I can archive my talk page. But, there is an exception. You can remove talk page comments that are spam, especially those that link to other websites to increase their PageRank.

3.Don't use inappropriate language, such as "Jerk". Those words are unacceptable, and offending. I will hide those words if you do so. I can also contact a staff member, so beware. Active, vibrant discussion is permitted, but when it descends to flaming, I will contact a staff member immediately.

4.Don't be angry. I don't like stress. And others don't like stress also. If I warned you, don't be angry so much.

5.The most important, follow the whole talk page policy of Bulbapedia.

Any questions? Go to the talk page of this page.

Thank you for taking your time reading my rules. Now you know all my talk page rules, feel free to post a message to my talk page!