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Look! You have discovered a Pikachu! You walk over to greet the Pikachu.
"Hi. I am a lonely Pikachu." he says, Will you be my friend?
You walk up and answer the small Pokémon with a firm Yes.
"Great!" the Pikachu says. "Here. Please read it. Its my ID Card!"

Pikachu's ID

Name: Pikachu
Type: Eletric
Species: Pikachu
Photo ID:Spr 4p 025 m.png
ID n0. #025

The Big Book

Well, you got to know me, and I got to know you. the Pikachu says, So c'mon! Let's go have some fun! The Pikachu takes you into a big book from behind a bush.

Pikachu's Book

It turned out that the little Pikachu's book was actually a whole Pikachu world!
"Come on, Player1, lets go! exclaims the Pikachu.
You play at a park, battle your rival and do other fun stuff, when Pikachu pulls out another book.

Picture Gallery!

"And this..." the Pikachu begins, "is my photo album of ME!

Spr 1b 025.pngSpr 1y 025.pngSpr 2g 025.pngSpr 2s 025.png File:Spr 2c 025.gif Spr 3r 025.png File:Spr 3e 025.gifSpr 3f 025.pngSpr 4d 025 m.pngSpr 4p 025 m.pngSpr 4h 025 m.pngFile:Pin025.gifPinRS025.pngFile:PinRS025.gifFile:Trozeiani025.gifFile:Pikachu Brawl.jpg025Pikachu.png

Time To Go!

"PLAYER1!!" your grandmother calls, "DINNERTIME!".
The Pikachu is sad, but he pulls you out of the book. Your grandmother rushes up to you. "WAIT!!" the Pikachu calls, "you still have a PokéBall left, right?
You answer with a firm and truthful Yes.
Then please, catch me. Take me with you.
You throw your PokéBall at the wild Pikachu, and a flash of white light appears from the PokéBall.
You caught him!
You go back to Twinleaf Town with your Pokémon and Grandma, and eat dinner.