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Hello, Bonjour, Hola, and welcome to my User Page! I'm, of course, Plato Platinum, a fellow editor of Bulbapedia.

Because I like writing, I'm going to do a kind of story summary of my events in my Pokemon Games. The ones I've completed anyway. I have FR, but I haven't got around to playing it yet. So, I might do that as well.

As the user bars show, I'm an Anime nut. Being a member, I try and edit whatever I can to do with the anime. Of course, I need to find something to edit first xD.

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Plato Platinum
Platinum Lucas.png
Art from the Platinum Chapter
Age 12 (As of the Platinum Chapter)
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Gray
Hometown Twinleaf Town
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Trainer and Coordinator
Game counterpart Lucas

Diamond Chapter

Coming Soon!

Sapphire Chapter

Coming soon!

HeartGold Chapter

Coming soon!

Platinum Chapter

Coming soon!

Black Chapter

Not even started yet, but coming later!

Pokemon on hand

Plato Platinum's Prinplup
Prinplup is Plato's main Pokémon in the Platinum Chapter. After coming back to Sinnoh and seeing Rowan, he noticed a lonely Piplup and asked Rowan if he could take it. It evolved when facing Mars in Vally of the wind works.

It's moves are Pluck, Bubble Beam, Pound, and Peck.

Debut [[]]
Plato Platinum's Kadabra (kazza)
Kadabra (kazza)
Kadabra is one of the first pokemon to be traded to him. After defeating the gym leader Roark, Plato decided to raise a Machop. Catching one, he went over to a women who wanted to trade for a Abra. Remembering that traded pokemon would gain boosted exp, he decided to trade. It evolved in Eterna forest, battling with Bunearys.

Kazzas known moves are Confusion, Disable, Hidden Power.

Debut [[]]
Plato Platinum's Luxio
Luxio was the third Pokemon Plato caught in the Platinum Chapter. While going back into Jubilife City, Plato caught a Shinx.

Later, it evolved against a Galactic grunt.

Its known moves are Charge, Spark, Tackle, and Leer.

Debut [[]]

Pokemon in PC box

Yeah, same thing xD