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Pie (Japanese: パイ) is a mod from the Bulbagarden forums who came here mostly to assist in stopping vandalism and other nuisances, and has since become a regular contributor. She has especially proved herself useful in doing things no one else wants to do and making articles pretty. She is notorious for babbling, enjoys speaking in third person, is an egomaniac and gets extremely bored from time to time. All of these traits are likely reflected in this user profile.

Pie has an unhealthy addiction to user tags.

Pie is a Style Editor, currently in second place for the amount of contributions to Bulbapedia after a year at the top. It is her goal to trump BulbaBot, a difficult but theoretically possible goal. She is a little more than two thousand edits away from doing such.

In general


Pie's real name is Hilary , and it is highly advised that you do not add an extra L to her name.


History within the fandom

Pie's first encounter with Pokémon was way back in the beginning, when a friend of hers saw an episode of the anime and recommended it to her sister, who in turn recommended it to Pie. So, Pie began watching the anime and fell in love with it. She then begged her family for a copy of Pokémon Red, and, after months of suffering with merely watching her sister play Pokémon Blue, got her wish.

Pie first appeared in the online Pokémon fandom on a little fan fiction message board on AOL which few people know even existed. She wrote several bad fanfics that she usually doesn't talk about seriously, though she will occasionally joke about them, particularly one focused on Meowth with a bit of corny RocketShipping. Pie doesn't remember exactly when she left, although when she did the message board was active but scarcely saw any Pokémon fan fiction.

Besides this, Pie had no notable presence in the online Pokémon fandom until her arrival at Bulbagarden forums. She was referred there by Blackjack Gabbiani, and was only partially active for her first year there. She became drawn in again when an issue involving Ledian_X and LJ icons arose and she played a primary role in sorting it out. She was granted modship of the Multimedia forum for this.


A notable highlight in Pie's modship at Bulbagarden forums has been her involvement in Bulbagarden's Pokémon podcast project, aptly named the Bulbacast. She is considered a regular member of the Bulbacast team, and is regarded by some to be the most popular. She has a fanboy following because of the Bulbacast, a few of which have proposed to her on the #pocketmonsters and #bulbagarden IRC Channels. However, she claims to not participate in the Bulbacast for the ego-padding but rather because she thinks it's a lot of fun.

She tried and failed to organize a Bulbacast Radio Drama, but hopes to try again with better results in the near future.


Pie was an unofficial figurehead for the Save Our Voice Actors campaign after creating the original SOVA Website. She insists on calling it Save Our Voice Actors since she does not like the acronym accompanied with its alternate name, Save The Dub. She avidly supports the original voice actors, particularly Eric Stuart, and she stopped watching as soon as Season 9 of the Pokémon anime began airing since she cannot stand the new dub voices, particularly of her favorite character, Brock. To show her support for the original voice actors, she has folded 1000 cranes out of sticky notes for her wish that they remain the voice actors of the series.

Her heavy involvement in the controversy has caused her to both gain considerable popularity with some of her fellow fans and lose a comparable amount of popularity with others. However, more recently, her role has become that of a sideline supporter due to other personal obligations. On a personal level, it has made Pie consider becoming a voice actor herself.



Favorite articles

Some articles which Pie contributed to significantly and takes pride in include:

Pet peeves

Pie puts a lot of blood, sweat and tears into editing Bulbapedia. Bad editing bothers her. Lots of bad editing gives her a headache. Please, put a little extra thought and effort into your editing, for the sake of Pie's health and happiness.

  • RTFM!
  • If you're not sure, bring it up on the talk page.
  • Not every list on the Bulbapedia needs to be a table.
  • Not all information has to be in lists, tables, or charts.
  • Keep your navigation templates small. We don't need a table of contents to the entire Bulbapedia at the bottom of every article.
  • There's a reason we encourage use of pastels: Pastels don't make eyes bleed.
  • The "Origin" and "Name origin" section of the species articles are highly developed and have more speculative BS than any other part of Bulbapedia. They are also the least useful. Please, if you want to help out, add something it really needs.
  • Alt+0233. If you can't memorize that, that's what the character palette is for. You have no excuse.
  • Please, please, please, please, please: learn to preview before submitting.
  • I know it's cool having a userpage and being able to put any information about yourself you want on there. But this isn't MySpace, for crying out loud. Can you try and edit some of the actual articles on Bulbapedia, too?


Pie accepts and may even support the following shippings:

Pie has problems with the following shippings:


Pie is more obsessed with Brock than pretty much everyone. She is the official Brockoholic of Bulbagarden. Because of this, there are several people who think that there should be a ship betweeen the two. However, little do these people know that Pie x Brock already has a name, and it is ClothesStealingShipping.

The name, despite sounding dirty, originates from the fact that the event which ultimately led to her fan-worship of Brock was her unwittingly dressing in an outfit with a remarkable similarity to his. Since then, she has taken hundreds of screenshots of him, made fanart and fanfiction for him including a little with mature content, created an original character to ship him with, roleplayed him as a character, and even attempted to cosplay as him, failing only due to a lack of quality hairgel.

It is currently under debate whether or not Pie's obsession is great enough that she should be seeking therapy.

She is also a fan of his voice actor, Eric Stuart, and owns three Eric Stuart Band CDs. However, she admires Eric Stuart as an idol or role model, and aspires to be as talented an actor and performer as he is. She met him at one of his concerts in March of 2007, and tries to take to heart the advice that Eric gave to her: "Just do what you love."


While some actually do support the ship between Brock and Pie, Pie's greatest loyalty lies with a shipping between Brock and an adorably modest original character of hers named Ariel (アリエル). The name, which was not the idea of Pie herself, comes from both the name of the two characters and their vision (Brock is well-known for having squinty eyes, and Ariel has poor eyesight particularly when she is not wearing her glasses).

Originally, Pie was completely opposed to the idea of shipping an original character with a canon character, but as she claims, the two paired themselves even despite her best efforts to resist the idea. Ariel was designed twice. Her original incarnation, who was designed in the days of Generation I, was a Flying-type Gym Leader with aviator goggles and purple hair (who Pie believes was somehow ripped off for the design of Winona) whose main Pokémon was a Pidgeot. This underdeveloped character was discarded when Generation II was introduced and Falkner took the role of a Flying-type Gym Leader.

However, Pie revisited the character while working on fanfiction ideas during Generation III, and Ariel was modified considerably: rather than being a generic Gym Leader, she became a sweethearted Pokémon Biologist (still with the affinity for Flying-types, but now with a love of more unusual ones like Crobat and Aerodactyl rather than Pidgeot) who was curious, timid, and preferred learning about Pokémon than battling them. Her goggles became a pair of glasses, and her outfit became a modest white long-sleeved shirt and long skirt.

While looking at comparisons of relationships between different characters, Pie was struck with what she found at the time to be a frightening realization: Ariel and Brock would fit together perfectly. After struggling to resist expanding the idea, she caved and began fleshing out the dynamics of such a shipping. In fanfiction, an RP, and even The Sims 2 (in which it was almost completely out of Pie's control), the shipping has manifested itself with surprisingly similar and effective dynamics.

Game statistics

These statistics mostly reflect the data from Pie's Generation III and Generation IV games, for Pie has had her data corrupted and lost for her Red cartridge, Yellow cartridge, and recently her Gold cartridge as well.


Pokémon Red and FireRed
Pokémon Yellow
Pokémon Gold
Pokémon Ruby
Pokémon LeafGreen
Pokémon Emerald
Pokémon Pearl
Pokémon Colosseum
  • Companion: CASCATA
Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness


Spr 4d 201-EX s.png アンノーン the Unown Lv. 21 ☆
Received in GTS trade (OT: タカシ)