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My names Chris and I live in the UK. I have been a fan of Pokemon for years and I own every game in the main series as well as all the Stadiums, Coliseums and PBR.

In Games

My aim has been to own a living Pokedex - I have only ever managed this once & that was on Crystal!! That aside I aim to have the best team of Pokemon possible. I use various rotations to suit all rules such as no ubers, no legends, anything goes etc as well as to gain the upper hand on my opponent. I breed all of the Pokemon (except legends of course) I aim to use competitively. It may take a while to do it this way but I have loads of different natured Dittos and an Everstone which make it a lot quicker to bread the right natured Pokemon than to try & capture it.

My Squad

I call these guys my squad as opposed to my team as I tend to shuffle them around to make a team that suit rules & opponents. I bread them all (Except the legendaries of course) on my Diamond version then I EV train them level them up and evolve them I have not long started training the below ones as I gave my old ones away so these are all still in training.

150 - Mewtwo

491 - Darkrai

493 - Arceus

386 - Deoxys

120 - Staryu / 121 - Starmie

133 - Eevee / 135 - Jolteon

142 - Aerodactyl

243 - Raikou

214 - Sneasel / 461 - Weavile

252 - Treecko / 253 - Grovyle / 254 - Sceptile

092 - Gastly / 093 - Haunter / 094 - Gengar

442 - Spiritomb

133 - Eevee / 197 - Umbreon

361 - Snorunt / 478 - Froslass

415 - Combee / 416 - Vespiquen

436 - Bronzor / 437 - Bronzong

100 - Voltorb / 101 - Electrode

111 - Rhyhorn / 112 - Rhydon / 464 - Rhyperior

393 - Piplup / 394 - Prinplup / 395 - Empoleon

246 - Larvitar / 247 - Pupitar / 248 - Tyranitar

123 -Scyther / 212 - Scizor

063 - Abra / 064 - Kadabra / 065 - Alakazam

408 - Cranidos / 409 - Rampardos

066 - Machop / 067 - Machoke / 068 - Machamp

341 - Corphish / 342 - Crawdaunt

074 - Geodude / 075 - Graveler / 076 - Golem

387 - Turtwig / 388 - Grotle / 389 - Torterra

258 - Mudkip / 259 - Marshtomp / 260 - Swampert

133 - Eevee / 471 - Glaceon

485 - Heatran

081 - Magnemite / 082 - Magneton / 462 - Magnezone

249 - Lugia

382 - Kyogre

488 - Cresselia

381 - Latios

483 - Dialga

349 - Feebas / 350 - Milotic

484 - Palkia

487 - Giratina

Want a Battle Me on PBR

This is where I will test my Squad & use them for competitive battles, if anyone fancies a battle feel free to leave you PBR friend code on my (Phantom's) talk - I will one day put mine on here if I ever remember lol!

However please do not request a battle if you…

1. Use rental Pokemon only as they stand very little chance against a properly trained team (Lets face it, rental Pokemon suck!).

2. Use shiny legendary after shiny legendary (AR any one??) but have no real clue of what to do with them.

3. Use pretty much the same as point two & know what you’re doing.

Most random people online Play as above and lets face it Cheating is just no fun and rentals are no challenge.

My Views on Cheating


I think this is, although slightly unfair, part of the game as the glitches are already in the game - I personally don’t use them as I have lost more than a couple of games trying to clone Pokemon or using the Missingno glitch.

Use of Game Sharks & Action Replays

I believe that the only thing that cheat devises should be used for is gaining access to event only Pokemon. This is solely because for most people this is the only way to complete the game and the Pokedex. Any use to help get an IV & Ev “perfect” team of shiny juggernauts is just wrong!! I also believe that if the game gives you one Master Ball then one is all you should use!

Project Get Living Pokedex!

As mentioned above my aim is to get a Living Pokedex & I’m going to start a new one on my Pearl Version using Fire Red and Emerald as the games to help catch the Generation 1-3 Pokemon as well as both Coliseum & XD - the only cheating I will do will be to get the Event only Pokemon as listed below

151 Mew - Will use codes to encounter on Fire Red

251 Celebi - Will use codes to encounter on Fire Red

385 Jirachi - Will use codes to encounter on Fire Red

386 Deoxys - Will use the Magic Door Cheat

490 Manaphy - Will cheat to get event item

491 Darkrai - Will cheat to get event item

492 Shaymin - Will cheat to get event item

493 Arceus - Will cheat to get event item

As you can see I will only cheat to encounter 3 all the others will be encountered legitimately - the only cheats used will be to access them. Everything else will either be caught with no cheats.

The Hunters

These are Pokemon I will use in the games to Hunt down everything - I will not change these through out and this will hopefully save a lot of time so they must carry all the HMs and moves needed to complete the Living Dex and should be capable of beating the Pokemon League

Fire Red Hunters

Charizard - Fly / Flamethrower / Cut / Dragon Rage 006

Golduck - Strength / Surf / Waterfall / Ice Beam 055

Raticate - Super Fang / Dig / Hyper Fang / Rock Smash 020

Alakazam - Flash / Teleport / Psychic / TBA 065

Raichu - Thunder Bolt / Thunder / Thunder Wave / TBA 026

Butterfree - Psybeam / Stun Spore / Sleep Powder / TBA 012

Emerald Hunters

Swampert Surf / Waterfall / Dive / Earthquake 260

Ninjask Faulse Swipe / Cut / Dig / Baton Pass 291

Crawdaunt Rock Smash / Ice Beam / Crunch / Crabhammer 342

Breloom Spore / Stun Spore / Flash / Dynamic Punch 286

Manectric Stregnth / Thunder Wave / Thunder Bolt / Thunder 310

Swellow Fly / Ariel Ace / Double Team / TBA 277

Pearl Hunters

Torterra Dig / Woodhammer / Earthquake / Flash 389

Bibarel Surf / Waterfall / Rock Climb / Super Fang 400

Staraptor Defog / Fly / Brave Bird / Whirl Wind 398

Kricketune Cut / Sing / X-Scissors / False Swipe 402

Tentacruel Surf / Ice Beam / Wrap / Sludge Bomb 073

Luxray Crunch / Thunder Fang / Thunder Wave / TBA 405