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{{User Wi-Fi}}
{{User Wi-Fi}}
== Hi ==
My names Chris and I live in the UK. I have been a fan of Pokemon for years and have owned every game in the main series as well as all the Stadiums, Coliseums and recently purchased Battle Revolution. I still own all these games except XD - it had an accident with a 22 stone uncle (it was like a Snorlax sitting on it lol!!!)
== In Games ==
My aim has been to own a living Pokedex - I have only ever managed this once on Crystal and now there’s a few more to catch I don’t think its going to happen again. That aside I aim to have the most devastating team of Pokemon. I have various rotations to suit all rules such as no ubers, no legends, anything goes etc. I breed all of my Pokemon (except legends of course) for my teams on my Pearl game. I takes a while but with loads of different natured Dittos and an Everstone it makes it a lot easier to bread the right nature than capture a Pokemon with it.
== My Squad ==
I call these guys my squad as opposed to my team as I tend to shuffle them around to make a team that suit rules & opponents. They are split into two categories, the Ready To Go ones are fully trained with all moves and are over level 50. The ones in training either don’t have all there moves, are not fully evolved or under level 50.
All the none legendary Pokemon were breed on Pearl, the legendaries were caught off various games (mainly as that’s the only legit way to get them). The only ones that I have used an action reply to get are the event ones and then I only used it to get to the area (i.e. the magic door cheat & the gaining of event items)
'''Ready To Go'''
{{p|Darkrai}} - Dark Pulse / Dark Void / Ice Beam / Dream Eater {{ani|491}}
'''Mewtwo''' - Psychic / Ice Beam / Shadow Ball / Energy Ball {{ani|150}}
'''Raikou''' - Thunder Bolt / Shadow Ball / Extrasensory / Thunder {{ani|243}}
'''Suicune''' - Surf / Ice Beam / Extrasensory / Shadow Ball {{ani|245}}
'''Kyogre''' - Water Spout / Thunder / Ice Beam / Blizzard {{ani|382}}
'''Ho-Oh''' - Sacred Fire / Sky Attack / Thunder Wave / Earthquake {{ani|250}}
'''Lugia''' - Surf / Aeroblast / Psychic / Shadow Ball {{ani|249}}
'''Starmie''' - Surf / Psychic / Ice Beam / Thunder Bolt {{ani|121}}
'''Swampert''' - Earthquake / Hammer Arm / Waterfall / Avalanche {{ani|260}}
'''Weavile''' - Avalanche / Night Slash / X-Scissor / Dig {{ani|461}}
'''Lucario''' - Dark Pulse / Aura Sphere / Dragon Pulse Psychic {{ani|448}}
'''Sceptile''' - Leaf Storm / Dragon Pulse / Frenzy Plant / X-Scissor {{ani|254}}
'''Charizard''' - Blast Burn / Dragon Pulse / Solar Beam / Fire Blast {{ani|006}}
'''Infernape''' - Flare Blitz / Shadow Claw / Close Combat / Dig {{ani|392}}
'''Palkia''' - Spatial Rend / Earth Power / Ice Beam / Surf {{ani|484}}
'''Garchomp''' - Crunch / Dig / Dragon Claw / Rock Slide {{ani|445}}
'''Rayquaza''' - Fire Blast / Ice Beam / Drake Meteor / Crunch {{ani|384}}
'''Arceus''' - Judgement / Earth Power / Ice Beam / Dark Pulse {{ani|493}}
'''Giratina''' - Shadow Claw / Dragon Claw / Fly / Shadow Force {{ani|487}}
'''In Training'''
'''Deoxys''' - Energy Ball / Ice Beam / Shadow Ball / Psycho Boost {{ani|386}}
'''Latias''' - Energy Ball / Dragon Pulse / Ice Beam / Psychic {{ani|380}}
'''Latios''' - Psychic / Thunder Bolt / Shadow Ball / Dragon Pulse {{ani|381}}
'''Zapdos''' - Thunder / Thunder Bolt / Ancient Power / U-Turn {{ani|145}}
'''Groundon''' - Earthquake / Rock Slide / Fire Blast / Solar Beam {{ani|383}}
'''Milotic''' - Surf / Ice Beam / Dragon Pulse / Aqua Ring {{ani|350}}
'''Jolteon''' - Rain Dance / Thunder / Thunder Bolt / Shadow Ball {{ani|135}}
'''Aerodactyl''' - Crunch / Thunder Fang / Ice Fang / Rock Slide {{ani|142}}
'''Alakazam''' - Psychic / Energy Ball / Focus Blast / Shadow Ball {{ani|065}}
'''Scyther''' - Air Slash / X-Scissor / Night Slash / Steel Wing {{ani|123}}
'''Staraptor''' - U-Turn / Brave Bird / Close Combat / Giga Impact {{ani|398}}
'''Salamence''' - Fly / Dragon Claw / Crunch / Earthquake {{ani|373}}
'''Electivire''' - Fire Punch / Rock Slide / Earthquake / Thunder Punch {{ani|466}}
'''Gengar''' - Shadow Ball / Dream Eater / Hypnosis / Confuse Ray {{ani|094}}
'''Leafeon''' - Dig / Razor Leaf / X-Scissor / Leaf Blade {{ani|470}}
'''Arcanine''' - Fire Blitz / Dig / Crunch / Protect {{ani|059}}
'''Scizor''' - Iron head / X-Scissor / U-Turn / Brick Break {{ani|212}}
As I’m sure you can see I’m very reliant on being fast and devastating with really no other tactics which is why I am considering some of the following
'''In Consideration'''
'''Umbreon''' {{ani|197}}
'''Spiritomb''' {{ani|442}}
'''Dialga''' {{ani|483}}
'''Emporleon''' {{ani|395}}
'''Tyranitar''' {{ani|248}}
In total (including the Pokemon In Consideration) that’s a squad of '''42'''!!
== PBR ==
'''Friend Code - 0645-4909-8597'''
This is where I test my teams & use them for competitive battles, if anyone fancies a battle feel free to leave you PBR friend code on my (Phantom's) talk - I will one day put mine on here if I ever remember lol!
The only problem I have found with this game is that online most of the people on there fall into one of three categories, they either
'''1.''' Use rental Pokemon and stand no chance against a properly trained team (Lets face it, rental Pokemon suck!).
'''2.''' They use shiny legendary after shiny legendary but have no real clue of what to do with them(And they also suck!).
'''3.''' Pretty much the same as point two but with the knowledge of what they are doing. I normally just try my best - it’s a case of you win some, you lose some with these.
My current score (not inc battles with people in the above 3 categories) is - '''33 wins - 4 Loses'''
== Phantom's Vews on On Cheating ==
I have absolutely no problem with people using these as ther already in the game - I personally don’t use them as I have lost more than a couple of games trying to clone Pokemon or use the Missingno glitch and find its too risky.
'''Game Sharks & Action Replays'''
I don’t like people that hack to win only its pointless and is a waste of time for the opponent. I try and stick to only using my AR to gain event Pokemon although I do occasionally use the walk any where cheat for speed. I do not use it to get any items (i.e. Master Balls Rare Candy’s etc). I also do not use it to get loads of Exp - I find that it takes some of the fun out of the game In my opinion I own a fully legitimate Shaymin, Arceus, Darkrai & Deoxys.
Unfortunately due to the fact I have no other way of gaining these legitimately I have hacked Mew, Jirachi & Celebi, however I do not use these for competitive battling

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