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475.png This user identifies as male.
357.png This user comes from Brazil.
251.png This user is 15 years old.
385.png This user's birthday is July 12.
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482.png This user's favorite color is blue.
SugimoriLuxuryBall.png This user's favorite ball is the Luxury Ball.
196.png This user's favorite type is Psychic.
131.png This user's favorite type is Water.
144.png This user's favorite region is Kanto.
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Welcome to my userpage! File:BlueHGSS.gif

Hello dear furry aliens and monsters who are now reading my page. :D Sure sure, it's all fun, sorry. o / Well, my name is Paulo. I am a young boy of 15 Years - Brazilian, and a dear fan of Pokémon. At the beginning as well as every good child without a computer, I did not understand anything about the series, so the imagination was bigger than the animals themselves, it made me like more and more. Every time I discovered one thing, what joy. *O* Today I try to follow all the information, and in the end, the little anime is the favorite child of a couple of 15 years. More details below. :]

Favorite Characters

  • Delaney: A great character, he is intelligent, powerful, nice and strong, just a little premature, but even so, Delaney is one of my favorites. ♥
  • Rafe: Yes, he is my type, serious, calm, adore Rafe. :D
  • Sid: Even comparing myself to Rafe, I also see much of me Sid, Sid, you ahasa. *-*'
  • Sho: The typical teenager, Sho is too much.
  • Noland: A master, Noland is my favorite member of the border.
  • Gary: Gary Oak, from the beginning, his Blastoise and your Pokemon are great, and your way of being, proud, intelligent and smart, it fascinates me.

GYM Leaders and Elite Four

  • Wallace: Wallace, like him because he is the best in everything we do, and be affectionate with your Pokemon and the young coaches. Wallace is pretty cool.
  • Will: Full mysterious, Will leaves much to imagine, much like the Pokemon he has, and the way it behaves. Will is smart, clever and mysterious, he is awesome.
  • Volkner: The electrifying Volkner, he appears to be very powerful, since you have not seen the anime. Still Volkner seems very powerful and cool.
  • Morty: Morty is one of my favorite leaders of gym because it is very safe, its Gastlys Haunters and serve as a guard for him, and spies. Morty is pretty cool.

Favorite Pokémon

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