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List of recommended users that could fit into this table:
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To be scolded
Ivan Helric
Age 13
Gender Neither.
Hometown Singapore
Region South East Asia
Relatives Orphaned.
Class Trainer


Leafeon, Baton Dancer Absol, Baton Pass reliant Puncher Gallade, Physical Sweepah Shedinja, Toxic Staller Darkrai, because I abuse Ubers Lanturn, Rain Dancer*Houndoom, Sunny Day Ninetales, Special staller Breloom, Sub PuncherSharpedo, pathetic attempt at Physical Sweeping

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132.png This user is bisexual.
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037.png This user holds grudges, despite being calm.
50px This user owns every Generation IV game, whether in English or in Japanese.
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491.png This user is unforgiving.
098.png This user deals massive damage.
Notchie.png This user can slam his table.
50px This user can play the air guitar.
150.png All your base are belong to us!
164.png O RLY?
258Mudkip.png This user lieks Mudkipz.
50px This user has been BarackRolled .
Magmar Falcon Punch.png FALCON PUNCH!!!
475.png THIS IS SPARTA!!!


Optimatum, otherwise ThatKidWithNoOriginality, has been part of the Bulbapedia community for approximately 18 months. It can barely come online nowadays due to obvious reasons. That and its laptop kinda blue screened.

Base Stats

Stat Base At Lv. 50 At Lv. 100
Min. Max. Min. Max.
HP: 100
160 207 310 404
Attack: 10
13 68 22 130
Defense: 15
18 73 31 141
Special Attack: 150
139 222 274 438
Special Defense: 65
63 128 121 251
Speed: 85
81 150 157 295
Total: 425 These stats are purely for humor only. =D
  • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, IVs of 0, and a hindering nature.
  • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature.

How Optimatum discovered Pokeyman

It's Pokémon, twit. Not Namyekop, the demon of yellow and pink.

Nah, I just turned on the TV and, lookie! Pokeyman! =D

Timeline of user events

June 2007: Signs up on Bulbapedia.

October 2007 (I think, memory's a blur): Forms "UEP" with Fraulein Tina, Herr Ryguy and Herr Shiny.

November 2007: UEP declared illegal. The other three disappear.

December 2007: Announces probable break.

July 2008: Takes break for 3 months

October 2008: Returns, disturbed by userspace ban.

Late October 2008: Gets pissed at some random guy.

November 2008: Gets banned.

December 2008: Tries to leave Bulbapedia for good.

Late December 2008/Early January 2009: Forced to come back by some idiots who are stalking him. Okay fine, they're not stalking me nor are they idiots. But they're close to stalking!

February 2009: Fraulein Tina returns. Bah, humbug. If Herr Wronguy and Her Shiny return too, then I'll...oh wai-

18th: Herr Wronguy returns. Now, if only a certain Shiny would return, then the four of us would be back together, ja?
...On second thoughts, that sounds like a bad idea to me. (This is why I don't like childhood old friends).

As you can see, I'm responsible for the User Namespace policy. I'm also slightly responsible in the signature policy regarding line breaks, and I'm also indirectly responsible for the User Talk policy. Yes, I understand you all might be mad at me. Well, I have to say this:

"No one can change the past. The only thing we can do is

strive to make up for our mistakes, so that we can find
the way back to our path towards a brighter future."
Naruhodō Ryūichi, Phoenix Wright.

So don't blame me, what's the past is the past. Now all we have to do is look forth in the hopes that BP will have a bright future.

The End

Yes, yes, it was short. Don't blame me, that's all I could come up with on short notice.