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==About Me==
I am (obviousley) obsessed with {{p|Minun}}.
I am some random person that does not want to reveal my name. I like Pokémon Emerald version and Crystal/Silver versions. I ''never'' watch the anime (except for a few movies).
==My Team on [[Pokémon Emerald|Emerald]] (Just Started the Game)==
I don't spend very much time here at Bulbapedia, and I am usually at Wikipedia. (Ironic seeing as how I find Bulbapedia's style to be far superior to Wikipedia's)
===Minun (Favorite&Strongest)===
[[Image:312Minun.png|right|120px|thumb|Level 32, ''Female'']]
[[Minun]] is, obviousley, my all time favorite Generation III Pokémon. I don't realy know why, I just like Minun so much. Probably because its sort of the Generation III equivalint of [[Pikachu]]. It's ''almost'' always the highest level Pokémon in my team, and if anyone gets one level away or at the same level, I take it out for training until it gets 3-6 Level Ups. I aim to make my Minun the strongest it can be (I'll probably stop training it at Level 81).<br>
If you want to contact me, the best place to go to is my [[wp:User talk:KojiDude|talk page on Wikipedia]]. However if you do leave a message on my [[User talk:ObsessedMinunFan|talk page]] here, please note that I only check it every hour or so if I'm not busy.
*[[Shock Wave]]
*[[Quick Attack]]
===Combusken (Starter)===
[[Image:256Combusken.png|130px|right|thumb|Level 29, ''Male'']]
Combusken was the Torchic I picked for a starter. He's unstopable. He has a Rock-type move to whipe out any Flying/Fire that he meets, Peck to take out the strong Fighter types, Ember for handling weak/average Grass/Bug/Steel types, and Overheat for strong enemies.
With Peck and Rock Tomb, he's literally his own worst enemy (by that I mean if he fought another Combusken, he would totally dominate).<br>
[[Special:Contributions/ObsessedMinunFan|In case you're interested in knowing what I've edited]]
*[[Rock Tomb]]
[[Image:064Kadabra.png|130px|right|thumb|Level 29, ''Female'']]
Ah, Kadabra. I plan to make him an Alakazam as soon as I get a [[Pokémon Ruby]] and the ability to trade on both games.
I got Kadabra when she was an Abra. I was in the cave in Dewford Town, when I got attacked by her. I'd been trying to catch Abra's constantly, and failing. I got lucky this time: I randomly threw a randomly selected Pokéball at her on the first turn and caught her. I really need to train her though, as she is usually taken out before she can do any damage...T_T<br>
*[[Confusion (move)|Confusion]]
===Bailey ([[Mightyena]])===
[[Image:262Mightyena.png|right|thumb|130px|Level 28, ''Female'']]
I named this one after my dog in real life. I got this one when it was a [[Poochyena]]. About Level 3. It took forever to find a female one that didn't die when I attacked it. @[email protected]
Mightyena is one of my favorite Pokémon in Generation III, and it helps me alot against Psychic types and Fire types (it taught it Dig, somehow). Its Bite does alot of damage on just regular enemies, too.
* [[Dig]]
* [[Howl]]
* [[Swagger]]
* [[Bite]]
===Sid ([[Vigoroth]])===
[[Image:288Vigoroth.png|thumb|right|130px|Level 27, ''Male'']]
I got Sid when he was just a puny ol' [[Slakoth]]. I put him in the day care for a while after seeing how stressful it is to train him, and when I got him back he was level 24. I got him another Level Up, and there you have it. Vigoroth. I can't remember why I wanted a Vigoroth so badly, but I did, and now that I have one I'm happy. I'm not going to evolve him into a [[Slaking]] until he gets to about Level 73-76. If not, 59-61. I plan to use him in my upcoming battle against Norman.
*[[Rock Smash]]
*[[Slack Off]]
[[Image:067Machoke.png|thumb|right|130px|Level 33, ''Male'']]
I got Machoke when he was a level 21 Machop. I needed a Fighting type for my upcoming battle with Norman, so I picked him. I trained him non stop and just today he eveolved into Machoke.
Machoke is my strongest Pokémon right now. I want Minun to be the strongest but at this point in the game I'm having a hard time training him. After I beat Norman, though, I'll be able to use Surf and train Minun again.
*[[Vital Throw]]
*[[Karate Chop]]
*[[Seismic Toss]]
===Trainer Info===
Name: ''Not giving it out, would like to remain anonymous''<br>
Gender: Male<br>
Pokédex: '''Seen: 77''' ''Own: 21''<br>
Play Time: 28:19<br>
ID#: 25507<br>
Least Favorite Character: Wally...God I hate that guy...<br>
Favorite Character: Wattson
==My team on [[Pokémon Silver]] (a.k.a. Strike Force 501)==
In Silver, I'm stuck at the Elite Four. I can't beat them yet. Cheap bastards...They ''hide'' one guy and mislead you with the name! '''I HATE LANCE! DEATH TO LANCE!'''
...Ahem....Well...Anyway, I nicknamed this team ''Strike Force 501'', because it sounded cool at the time.
===Josh ([[Pidgeot]]) (Replaced Starter)===
[[Image:018Pidgeot.png|thumb|right|170px|Level 46, ''Male'']]
I got Josh when he was just a level 2 Pidgey, and he's been my favorite of the six Pokémon ever scince. I call him my replaced starter because I used him as if he ''were'' my starter, and later removed the real on from my team.
Josh is one of or possibly the best Pokémon on my team. His happiness is incredibly high, just like his stats, and the last time he fainted was when I fought my rival for the...fourth or third time, I can't remember.
*[[Wing Attack]]
*[[Quick Attack]]
===Lugia (Legendary Pokémon)===
[[Image:249Lugia.png|thumb|150px|right|Level 49, ''No Gender'']]
Lugia. My prized posession. I caught him the usual way, at the Island when he was at Level 40. Not much to say about Lugia so far, I've only had him for a little while. It took forever to catch him though.
Lugia is the only Legendary Pokémon I have on Silver, but I aim to get Ho-Oh when/if I defeat the Elite Four.
*[[Hydro Pump]]
===Gyarados (Shining)===
[[Image:NoImageYet|thumb|right|130px|Level 41, ''Male'']]
Not very different from the normal Gyarados. He's very powerful and knows alot of effective attacks. I use him alot because of his high stats and HP. I aim to get him to at least Level 74, at best Level 82.
*[[Dragon Rage]]
[[Image:082Magneton.png|thumb|right|120px|Level 40, ''No Gender'']]
Magneton...Hm...I havn't played Silver in so long I forgot when I got this guy. I think he was around Level 20...I'm not sure. He's my only electric type, so I use him alot against Water and Flying types.
[[Image:077Ponyta.png|thumb|right|120px|Level 39, ''Female'']]
I got this one when it was about Level 29. I saw it and thought it was rare (it wasn't), and caught it. I ended up likeing it alot and I really want it to evolve. I think I'm close.
Ponyta's my only Fire type, so I use it against Steel/Bug/Grass/Ice types alot.
*[[Take Down]]
*[[Fire Spin]]
===Berry ([[Nidoking]])===
[[Image:034Nidoking.png|thumb|right|130px|Level 36, ''Male'']]
I got Berry when he was a wee [[Nidoran♂]]. I caught a Nidoran♀ too and named her Cherry. I trained the two to equal levels, and once I got a moon stone I decided I wanted Berry to evolve, so I stored Cherry in the PC.
*[[Fire Punch]]
===Trainer Info===
Name: ''Would like to remain ananymous''<br>
Gender: Male<br>
Pokédex: '''Seen: 177''' ''Own: 55''<br>
Play Time: 42:55<br>
ID#: 27752<br>
*All 8 Jhoto Badges
Least Favorite Character: Lance...'''DEATH TO LANCE!!!'''<br>
Favorite Character: Morty<br>
==My Team on [[Pokémon Crystal]] (The Masiahs)==
This is my best team. I named them ''The Masiahs'' bescause they are the best team I have ever gotten on a Pokémon game.
[[Image:250Ho-Oh.png|thumb|right|130px|Level 85, ''No Gender'']]
I got Ho-Oh the same way any Trainer would; Got the Rainbow Wing and caught him at the Tin Tower. Ever scince then I've used him in almost all my battles.
*[[Sacred Fire]]
*[[Sunny Day]]
[[Image:243Raikou.png|thumb|right|130px|Level 83, ''No Gender'']]
It took forever to get Raikou. @[email protected] But, eventually, through luck, I got him. From that point on I used him in alot of my Gym and Boss battles.
*I'm gonna go to sleep...I only got 3 hours of sleep last night, I'm totally ''out''. The rest will be done tomorrow.

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I am (obviousley) obsessed with Minun.

I don't spend very much time here at Bulbapedia, and I am usually at Wikipedia. (Ironic seeing as how I find Bulbapedia's style to be far superior to Wikipedia's)

If you want to contact me, the best place to go to is my talk page on Wikipedia. However if you do leave a message on my talk page here, please note that I only check it every hour or so if I'm not busy.

In case you're interested in knowing what I've edited