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There is no Userpage, only Zuul.

I'll make my userpage the moment Duke Nukem Forever comes out, okay? Until then, you'll just have to deal with a temporary placeholder page. It has content, but it isn't formatted to look pretty or anything

Me & Bulbapedia

I joined Bulbapedia around the end of July 2009, with the goal of improving the quality of Gen IV maps.

Why Gen IV maps, you might ask? Well, because Gen IV is extremely hard to make maps for, due to the 3D effects. Also, all DS emulators right now are really buggy, and this makes it very hard to get good screenshots for your maps. Also, while Gen I, II, and III were 100% tile-based, which makes mapping extremely easy, Gen IV is not tile-based, using 3D models instead, though the objects are still laid out in a grid, which gives the effect of a 2D tile-based game.

If its so hard why do it, right? Well, I was annoyed by the incredibly low quality of over 90% of the Gen IV maps on Bulbapedia, and I thought that I could probably figure out how to map them, since Cadellin had made a bunch of great maps of Gen IV already, and I figured I could extract most of the tiles I'd need from those maps. Still, for other things not on Cadellin's maps, I had to get an emulator so I could get screenshots.

I finally found a DS Emulator which worked enough for me to extract the parts I needed (No$GBA, a GBA-emulator-turned-DS-emulator). I also figured out a way to extract the 3D models from a ROM of Pokémon Pearl (I chose Pearl because I own the game, and I think that makes the possession of a ROM legal, at least in the U.S.A.). I got a program to view the extracted models, too, since they're in a proprietary format.

And with these tools, I set off to work on maps, with a goal to exceed the quality of Cadellin's maps.

Sadly, the model viewer tool renders in perspective, which is not good for a map. I ended up extracting 3D models using screenshots I took one column of the grid at a time, in the Emulator, which took a while, but turned out pretty nice.

Me & Reality

Oh, and I'm from Modesto, the biggest city in California's Central Valley, a city stuck in a never-ending limbo where it isn't really a city, but it isn't quite a town. Our motto is "Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health", but we haven't actually got any of those anymore. You might know us for playing home to both Scott Peterson and Carol Channing, being the place where George Lucas was born and raised, but which he giddily ditched the first chance he got, being the Car Theft Capitol of the world, or for being on Forbes' list of worst places to live. We also have really bad air quality.

Mapping Status

Current state of affairs in Photoshop can be seen here, on my Picasa - just find the newest image. I'm working on route 210, although I seem to have made a mistake... if anyone can figure out my mistake by looking at the image, please do! I'll give you a Pizza Trophy*!!

Its great that you want to help. I did not make most of the tiles that are used, most credit goes to Kymotonian for that over at Deviant Art. My set are on here, in one long strip on the third row:, Kymotonian's public ones are here: If youre wondering why mine are all in one long strip, its because of the program i use to put them together. aaand a map of sinnoh with the areas that have been made by me so far on it is also on photobucket, under the same user. Animated tiles such as waterfalls are called autotiles, and they are scattered around everywhere. here is a waterfall one: nw-waterfall.png --Cadellin 22:07, 3 August 2009 (UTC) * Pizza Trophy may be redeemed at Bubs Concession Stand, at any time before February 30, 2010.