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I'm a well known contributor that dumps Japanese Wonder Cards into Pokésav compatible PCD/PGT and PGF files for replicating usage. I mainly deal with legitimate (Legal) Wonder Card files acquired through actual Events and collect my own Wonder Cards.

I usually submit Wonder Cards to Project Pokémon and is a top contributor for HeartGold and SoulSilver Version era Wonder Cards for the Japanese Region. More recent Wonder Cards submitted (such as the Poll Rayquaza and Year of the Dragon Eggs) can be found on Project Pokémon Forums. I've also helped out with Event images with the site.

On Bulbapedia, I usually help out with Distribution Text for Japanese Events when I find them on Japanese pages for the Fifth Generation of Pokémon games.

I'm also currently running a General Blog for random things and Pocket Monsters, and a Rockman Series Blog.

Connection Contact
MSN [email protected]
AIM Nigoli2
Yahoo! Nigoli2
ICQ 205752081
Skype Nigoli2
Trillian Astra Nigoli