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The goal of this project is to add transfer-only moves onto Pokémon's learnsets. This is work in progress. The addition of transfer-only moves will enable users to tell what moves any species can know in a certain generation (rather than just learn).

This page is designed to be this project's hub, containing useful information about the project's scope, related tasks, and the current status.

The addition of transfer-only moves was approved by acting Head of Games abcboy, who delegated related matters to Tiddlywinks. Discussion and ideas regarding this project can go on the talk page.


This project involves several tasks, many of which are interdependent. No one user does everything; instead, many users may work on tasks collaboratively.

Task Difficulty Estimated completion rate Notes
Appropriate templates Hard 70% Started independently by TehPerson and Suic
A list of all transfer moves we need, per generation (potentially marking event-only moves) Super hard 95% see #WIP pages / talk
A list of move parameters per generation, in the desired template format Hard 100% see User:Nescientist/Movedata
A way to automatically edit in the additions abcboy has offered BulbaBot's help
A way to figure out which moves need to be bolded and italiced. Moderate 99% TBA (see talk)
A main page about transfering Moderate 80% TBA (see talk)


Topic Result
Template design decisions/bugfixes TBA (discussion)
Handling of event moves etc. TBA (discussion)

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