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==Various Sub-Pages==
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Naui is a regular user on Bulbapedia. His user page is under construction

About Naui

Hello you unfortunate victim who has stumbled upon my page! So my real first name is Alika and I am a Hawai'i resident. I was born in 1993 and I'm born and raised on the island of Kauai. I am Part Hawaiian and can speak the language. Please don't butcher the language or the culture. That's my biggest pet peeve in the world. My alias is usually Naui or Nauibotic which is from my robotics team. I apparently look Okinawan so that turned into naui.

My journey into Pokemon began at the tender age of 7 in 2000 with my first Kiwi colored Gameboy and a copy of Pokemon Yellow. From there on out I've began a life of Pokémon Addiction. However I was a regular viewer of the original Pokémon dub before becoming a Pokémon gamer. I have at least one game from every generation, and I own most spin-off games.

Bulbapedia Contributions

I've been on Bulbapedia since early 2011 around the time when Best Wishes began to pick up. I've usually done misc. trivia in the beginning. However as of recently, I joined Project Anime and I have been making initial episode summaries for the BW series (which are usual cleaned up afterwards). I do my best to minimize grammatical errors when I write these synopsis (I do my summaries on Word before submitting), but things happen so I apologize in advance for anything grammatically incorrect. anyways If you want to check out my summaries, click on the lists bellow.

Various Sub-Pages

Game Character Name Predictions


From Gen I to Gen II I used my real name. From Ruby till Diamond/Pearl I used the default character names. Soulsilver onwards I used my nickname when I play as the male character and my female character from HearGold onwards is always Yume (japanese for dreams). I generally play with the stereotypical party of Grass, Water, Fire, and Flying and throw in whatever I feel with be great to use or I thought looked cool. Though in the end I use any and all Pokémon, even ones like Unown and such in the post-game. The teams bellow are the ones I used to beat the game. Gen I, Gen II, Gen V had no nicknames form my Pokémon. Gen III was all of their final form names reversed. Gen IV DP, their nicknames were Hawaiian Words (Translations bellow), while HGSS were their japanese names.








  • Kokeahi= Koke (monkey) Ahi (Flame)-Lit. Flaming Monkey
  • Lokepookii=Loke (Rose) Po'oki'i(Mask)-Lit. Mask of Roses
  • Paloloia=Palolo (Mud) ia (Fish)-Lit. Muddy Fish
  • Hoku'io=Hoku (Star) 'io (Hawk)-Lit. Hawk of the Stars.
  • Lapa'awa-Lapa (Flash) Niho 'awa (fang)-Lit. Flash Fang
  • Manoaina=Mano (Shark) Aina (Shark)-Lit. Shark of the Land


  • Alikakila= Kila (Steel) ʻĀlika (Arctic)-Lit. Arctic Steel
  • Molehuhau-Mōlehu (dusk) Hau (Ice/Frozen)=Lit. Frozen Dusk





Favorite Pokemon

My top 10 (in no particular order in favoritism) in numerical order of each generation's Pokemon. I'm doing this from an aesthetic view. I refuse to put legendaries because they get too much focus, not that I don't like them but I'm giving the non-legendaries the spotlight this time. Yeah I know all of the Pseudo-legends appear, I really do love them all aesthetically.

Gen I

  • 1.Charizard-Despite the fact that I'm upset it's still not a Dragon Pokémon I still think it's one the best of the original 150.
  • 2.Nidoking-This thing will mess you up. Look at it!
  • 3.Pikachu-Who hates this cute electric mouse? Not me!
  • 4.Gengar-This thing creeped me out as a little kid. But I loved using him in Yellow (or her as I found out when I traded her to Gold)
  • 5.Gyarados-Proving that even the most worthless child can become great with time and patience.
  • 6.Eevee-Cute and lots of options, what's not to love?
  • 7.Kabutops-Remains my favorite Fossil Pokemon. Love the scythes!
  • 8. Scyther-Come on! The mantis has freakin' swords for hands!
  • 9. Snorlax-Lazy, slow, and a big eater, maybe i'm not fat like Snorlax but my personality is like it.
  • 10. Dragonite-The only dragon of the region, may take a while to train but It's a powerful yet friendly looking Pokémon

Gen II

  • 1. Quilava-Cyndaquil's punk evolution and the main reason why I started with Cyndaquil
  • 2. Totodile-Mostly because I love Ash's Totodile is why I love this little spaz.
  • 3. Spinarak-Oh look at that! A spider with a face on it's abdomen. Thank God for Hawaii species references!!
  • 4. Flaafy-Before it's final shedding into odd Ampharos, Flaafy was my cute but deadly electric powerhouse
  • 5. Bellossom-Let the Hawaii references roll on! A must on all of my Gen II and HGSS teams
  • 6. Slowking-Derpy Slowpoke becomes a king. So I suppose he's king of the derps...still funny
  • 7. Scizor-My childhood hero to help stave away the Dark types, until I grew to like Dark types. Still a great Gen II
  • 8. Skarmory-Steel/Bird with blade wings? Awesome!
  • 9. Kingdra-From our cute little seahorse to Dragon seahorse, Horsea has come a long way.
  • 10 Tyranitar-Close enough to resemble a dragon, Tyranitar was the beast of Gen II.


  • 1. Poochyena-Reminds me of my first dog. I miss him so.
  • 2. Gardevior-The embodiment of elegance. Plus a Pokémon that would sacrifice its life to save its trainer gives Gardevior my full support as my favorite Psychic type
  • 3. Aggron-How is this not a dragon? Regardless Aggron will rip you to shreds if you piss it off
  • 4. Sharpedo-Probably the oddest design for a shark, but hey gotta respect my ancestors
  • 5. Flygon-From odd ant-thing to a badass Dragonfly-dragon...bring on the good times!
  • 6. Milotic-Beauty incarnate. Showing that true beauty comes from within and one day can blossom.
  • 7. Banette-I don't know why, but something about Banette strikes me as cool. Maybe it's my love for halloween
  • 8. Absol-Unquestionably my favorite Dark Pokémon. It's interesting appearance is so cool!
  • 9. Salamence-This Dragon will kill you on sight. No doubts about that
  • 10. Metagross-Not sure what it is but it's a whole lot of fun to use

Gen IV

  • 1. Empoleon-I do, do, do love penguins. Plus it's Water/Steel Combo is so interesting!
  • 2. Staraptor-Finally! A starting bird that looks like It can kill something!
  • 3. Luxray-Lions are cool ergo Luxray is cool. Simple. Plus I'd want to have Luxray hair
  • 4. Rampardos-Defidentally my favorite Fossil Pokémon until a T-Rex comes out
  • 5. Garchomp-Remember to avoid land sharks.
  • 6. Lucario-Aura is in us all, much like the force. Lucario is an interesting new Gen IV Pokémon with a typing to freshen up the game.
  • 7. Weavile-An interesting design for Sneasel's evolution, plus my first non-storyline shiny Pokémon is now a Weavile.
  • 8. Glaceon-My favorite of all Eeveelutions.
  • 9. Gallade-An awesome new form to the Ralts line that finally gives Male Ralts hope for a masculine form.
  • 10.Froslass-Hey I love her to death. Love my Japanese themed Pokémon.

Gen V

  • 1. Serperior-A worthy Pokémon to be the final form of a starter.
  • 2. Dewott-Not sure how this otter turns into the weird Seal/walrus thing, but I like a nice Japanese samurai pokemon.
  • 3. Gigalith-500 lbs. of pure crystalized awesome!
  • 4. Excadril-More mole like than the Diglett line and steel to boot.
  • 5. Zorua-It's cute, it's Dark, and it's got an interesting ability, Oh how I adore Zorua
  • 6. Gothitelle-Yes I like Gothic Lolita fashion and I'm a guy. I won't wear it, but it does look good on girls
  • 7. Beheeyem-"Well planet earth I need a friend because I'm on the outside lookin' in. I'm an alien, yes I'm an alien." Need I say more?
  • 8. Haxorus-Freakin' axe-tusked dragon. Killer Concept
  • 9. Bisharp-Probably because of my Power Ranger/Kikaida/Kamen Rider obsession. Totally awesome and and epic shiny form too!
  • 10.Hydreigon-Putting my two favorite types together and making it one awesome Hydra. Thank You Game Freak!