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I've played Pokemon since Red/Blue, missed 2nd Generation but played a lot of 3rd Generation (Sapphire, FireRed and Emerald). Now I have Diamond and it's the only Pokemon game I play.

Don't get me wrong, I love all the Pokemon versions including Red/Blue, but Diamond serves my purpose best. That purpose is battling, and in particular Competitive Battling which Wi-Fi allows me to do. 99% of my time spent playing Pokemon is either Standard Rules Wi-Fi battling or breeding/training new Pokemon to use.

Battle Style

As mentioned above, I do Standard Rules battles. I'll do various styles such as standard, BL/UU, UU, Roulette, Monotype and Lv.5. I began Competitive Battling using all OUs, as we all do, and it gave me a solid basis of battling experience before I started using more BLs, then to BL/UU, and now I have moved completely into UUs.

Why UUs?

There are a number of reasons I almost exclusively use UUs. For one, they are so much more interesting, creative, unique and most of all NOT USED ALL THE TIME. In fact, UUs are used very rarely in Standard, which is the environment I usually battle, I just get so bored of all the OUs that have been used 50 million times before. That was what made me START using UUs, however what keeps me using them is their awesomeness.


For one, there's nothing more satisfying destroying an entire team of OUs with a single Gastrodon, or OHKOing a Metagross with Lumineon, or just plain beating OUs with all UUs. Unlike a lot of battlers, I believe that in Standard UUs stand just as much chance, if not more, than OUs. If you're and experienced battler that is. With experience, one learns all the OUs and their movesets and what they do, and it becomes almost second nature predicting what they're going to do. Two advantages from this related to using UUs against OUs - one, I can predict what they are going to do, two, they CAN'T predict what I'm going to do. That is where the real strength of UUs lies.

Creativity & Originality

To help ensure this, and just because I like being original, I make all my own sets (Moves, EVs, Item, Ability, Nature...) for all my Pokemon. I never copy or deliberately use someone else's ideas, including Smogon movesets and Serebii's Pokemon of the Week and such - every set is made out of my own head, however often certain aspects will be the same or similar to others. This is inevitable as there are only so many viable options for each Pokemon. Because of this, in OUs, any set would usually end up being a set people already use anyway, so another advantage of UUs is that they have plenty of creative options that people don't use.

Pokémon Used

Here are just some of my EVd Pokemon that I have used many times in Competitive Battling.


UU Hail Monotype Team

This is one of my signature and most trusted teams.



Breeding is one of the things I pride myself in. Before training I pokemon I make sure that its Nature, Ability, Egg Moves and IVs are all what I want them to be, because I only use the best Pokemon breedable in battle. Nature is simple enough, I'm sure most of us know that attaching Everstone to the female gives a 50% chance to each baby to have some the same nature. I just have a Ditto of each nature for that. Getting a father with the right egg moves is simple enough. Ability is just a matter of filtering out the eggs which have the wrong one. It's IVs that are a bitch and can take ages.

Handy Breeding Tip

There IS a way to check eggs for Nature and Ability (also Type but that's only useful for checking if the right Pokemon is in the egg). Use the following steps;

1. Go to Start>OPTIONS>BUTTON MODE and set it to NORMAL. 2. Put the EGG in a Box. 3. Have the cursor hovering over the EGG and press L. 4. Make sure a Pokemon is in the new slot the cursor is hovering over. (Also make sure it has a different Nature/Ability to the ones you are after). 5. Watch the bottom-left corner of the screen. It scrolls through Hold Item, Type, Nature, Ability respectively. 6. Just before it scrolls to Nature from Type, press R. If done with good timing, while it changes Boxes, the Nature of the EGG will show in that bottom-left box. Same method for Ability.

Although you can't get rid of eggs easily anyway, it's good to be able to run around only hatching eggs that you know are the Nature/Ability you're looking for.



  • My first preference for username is MrBlack. Mr. Black is my second preference. After that comes Mr_Black, MisterBlack and Mister_Black. Then MasterBlack and Master_Black.
  • I have 5 boxes full of EVd Pokemon.
  • My first ever Lv100 Pokemon was Venusaur, on Blue. Then Articuno, Dragonite, Crobat.
  • I completed 151 Pokemon in the Pokedex on Blue without the Master Ball or using any glitches. I almost completed 386 Pokemon in the Pokedex on Sapphire except for Mew, Celebi, Lugia, Deoxys and Miltank.
  • My favourite word is Touché.


  • HO-OH spells the same forwards, backwards, upside down, right way up and rotated 180 degrees. That's more versatile than any 5 character word in the English language.
  • Girafarig is the only other Pokémon with a palindromic name.
  • In Red and Blue, Lickitung couldn't have Lick.
  • Also in 1st Generation, no true Dragon-type attacks existed. The only move assigned Dragon-type was Dragon Rage and it always did 40 damage anyway. Along with this, Lick was the only true Ghost-type move, since Night Shade always did damage equal to the user's level.
  • Some Azurill will change gender when they involve, due to a higher female ratio as Azurill than as Marill.
  • Bellossom has gone through the most cosmetic changes in colour over the generations.
  • Gust and Karate Chop were Normal-type moves in 1st Generation
  • Slaking, despite being known as an incredibly lazy Pokemon, has base 100 SPD. That matches Pokemon like Ninetales, Charizard, Dodrio and Raichu.
  • Electrode was the fastest Pokemon in 1st and 2nd Generations. In 3rd Generation it was replaced by Ninjask and then by Deoxys-E.
  • The 4th Generation brought only 4 new Fire-type Pokemon, 3 being in Infernape's starter evolution chain. The other is Heatran.
  • Eevee and Pikachu are the only 2 Pokemon that evolve by Thunderstone.


  • LOL is in the English dictionary.
  • The longest word with the letters in alphabetical language is almost.
  • The longest word that can be typed with the top row of a keyboard is typewriter.
  • The longest word with no vowels is rhythm.
  • "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" uses all 26 letters of the alphabet.
  • The only word with 3 double letters in a row is bookkeeper.
  • He is used more than she and man is used more than woman, yet her is used more than his. At first glance this seems strange, but in fact her is the female form of both him and his. All of these words are in the top 100 most used English words.
  • The most used word around the world is Coke
  • The most common name in the world is Mohammed.
  • The tune to the alphabet is the same as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The Number 255

The number 255 appears frequently as a limit in Pokemon.

  • Each stat on a Pokemon can have a maximum of 255 EVs
  • The maximum total EVs on a Pokemon is 510 = 255 * 2
  • The highest base stat of any Pokemon is 255 (Blissey's HP)
  • The maximum amount of Friendship for a Pokemon is 255
  • The maximum level for each aspect of Condition is 255 (Beauty, Coolness etc)
  • The maximum ID number is 65535 = 255^2 + 255 * 2
  • The highest Lv. a Pokemon can reach, in 1st and 2nd Generation anyway, is 255. Since Pokemon can't grow past Lv100, the only way to obtain a Lv255 Pokemon is to catch a glitch Pokemon such as Missingno at a Lv. higher than 100 and use Rare Candies on it. Levelling up by experience or Rare Candying it past Lv255 will result in it dropping back to Lv100, Lv.0 or Lv.1 (I can't remember which).

Magikarp came back??

So I decided I wanted to try trapping myself on Mossdeep Island with only a Ditto. Don't ask me why I just wanted to see if it was possible. I used all my money, tossed all my items including balls, and set about releasing every Pokemon in my PC. But when I tried to release the last Magikarp, it wouldn't let me! It kept disappearing, then reappearing and saying 'Magikarp came back!'. Weird.