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MonkeyD, dumb trainer ~ File:HGSS Lass.png

Me, myself and I

Hi there. I'm MonkeyD., I'm a teenager who lives in the country of the frogs~ So, er... My english isn't very good (and even not good at all, but I swear I practice!) but I hope you can all understand me~ Hmmm... And what can I say here, huh? I discovered Pokémon when I was...6? Yes, I think. Or maybe 5, or 4. Something like that. So, I discovered Pokémon with the Yellow version I received for my birthday. And then Red and Blue followed, and the anime, and then and then here I am, total Pokémon fan. Well, not so total, the IV gen really creeps me out, the anime is getting worse and worse (WHERE ARE YOU MISTYYYY?!) and and... And I want Heart Gold in my DS NOW. TT

Favourites and whatever

Favourites, favourites, haaaa...

  • Sneasel - Like I didn't say it before (God bless the templates \o/), I'm just a super-hyper-totally tard...I mean, fan of Sneasel. Dunno why tough. I love this little guy. Why did he had to become such a... a... an ugly thing as he evolve?!
  • James - Okay, the anime is cool, but now it's not so cool as before... Only James makes me watching the show again. :D He's stupid, and funny, and...And I don't have the vocabulary to say why I appreciate him so much. TT *go comits a suicide by throwing herself from the top of her stool*
  • Morty - Huh... Lol? Yeah, he had sooooo many appearance both in the games and in the show... Like for Sneasel, I don't really know why I like him. Maybe because he's OMG-SO-GOOD-LOOKING (The scarf!! \o/) and because he use Ghost type Pokémons... Yeah, Ghosts are cooool.
  • Lance - Because he's a villain in the manga, a super-cool trainer in the games (well, in the two others medias too, but...), and a super hero who fight for justice in the anime!! \o/ But lol, pink hair? He almost looks like some kind of Playmobil in the show...
  • Ruby - From the manga. :D He's funny and a kind of a coward and he have a cool cap and he had a Mudkip and he's sooo cute with Sapphire. ^3^ I hope he'll get more appearance... With the end of this stupid Platinum chapter. TT
  • Gold Version - To talk about something else than the characters, my favourite version is without a doubt Gold. Two regions, that means even more gym leaders to explode, Red, the Johto region, Ho-Oh, the evil Pokémon-stealer rival, the red Gyarados, the Apricorn-Ball system, and the only thing who's not great in this game is this stupid Miltank! D<

You call that a team?!

Well, yeah. It surely isn't a good team for strategy purpose or whatever, and in all the case I don't understand a thing about this so-called strategy (Well, seriously, the only thing to do is to know when change your Pokémon for the good one), so instead I chose Pokémons I like, they can be weak or useless or dunno what else, as long as they please me... I CHOSE YOU!!

(Oh, and recently I fell in love with the surname-system, soon I'll think I'm the only one in this case.)

Spr 4h 160.png Spr 4h 025 m.png Spr 4h 198 m.png Spr 4h 148.png Spr 4h 215 m.png Spr 4h 196.png
Croco - Feraligatr Lightning - Pikachu NightHowl - Murkrow Météo - Dragonair Furet - Sneasel Clémence - Espeon

Spr 1y 031.png Spr 1y 025.png Spr 1y 018.png Spr 1y 003.png Spr 1y 012.png Spr 1y 136.png
Bleutée - Nidoqueen Lightning - Pikachu SkyScraper - Pidgeot Zarre - Venusaur Niluzyon - Butterfree Cuteon - Flareon

Spr 2g 160.png Spr 2g 025.png Spr 2g 215.png Spr 2g 250.png Spr 2g 249.png Spr 2g 157.png
Feraligatr Pikachu Sneasel Ho-Oh Lugia Typhlosion

  • Sapphire Team ~ Will I remember this one ? It's been a while since I lost my beloved Sapphire version...

Spr 3r 260.png Spr 3r 277.png Spr 3r 310.png Spr 3r 306.png Spr 3r 282.png Spr 3r 382.png
Swampert Swellow Manectric Aggron Gardevoir Kyogre

  • Leaf Green Team ~ The best I ever had. :D Well, in terms of levels.

Spr 3f 009.png Spr 3f 148.png Spr 3f 136.png Spr 3r 260.png Spr 3f 144.png Spr 3f 145.png
Blastoise Dragonair Flareon Swampert Articuno Zapdos

  • Pearl Team ~ Ack, worse team ever. I like it of course (a little), but still...

Spr 4d 484.png Spr 4d 392.png Spr 4d 482.png Spr 4d 407 m.png Spr 4d 398 m.png Spr 4d 490.png
Palkia Infernape Azelf Roserade Staraptor Manaphy