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<div class="userbox">
<div style="text-align: center;">'''Links'''</div>
・My Website: [http://www.sora.net.au/ Sora.net.au]<br>
・My main email: [mailto:[email protected]/ [email protected]]<br>
・Pokémon stuff I'm selling: [http://moltres93.livejournal.com/2422.html Moltres93's Sales]<br>
・My Pokémon watercolour commissions: [http://moltres93.livejournal.com/2156.html Moltres93's Commissions]<br>
・My DeviantART gallery: [http://moltres93.deviantart.com/ Moltres93]<br>
・Wanted Moltres items: [http://s711.photobucket.com/albums/ww114/Moltres93s_Wants/ Moltres93's Wants]<br>
・PokéFarm accout: [http://pokefarm.org/_ext/user/moltres93/ Please click my Pokémon/ eggs!]
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Hello, I'm moltres93. I am an avid Pokémon collector, and spend most of my time here working on [[Bulbapedia: Project Merchandise|Project Merchandise]], uploading pictures of my Pokémon items and adding information where I can.
My real name’s Emma, although I’m better known across the internet as moltres93 (no capital M!). I'm 17 and I live in Tasmania, Australia. I tend to spend a lot of time by myself, mostly on the internet or working on some kind of project; a drawing, a story, a comic, a sculpture or something. However I do spend a lot of time with my boyfriend Ashley, known on the internet as Yelsha42. We are both avid collectors of Pokémon merchandise, and one day hope to combine our collections into one mega-awesome-huge-colossal collection! XD I’m at college at the moment (year 11/12 for those who don’t call it college). I study computer 3D graphics, Japanese, painting and jazz saxophone.
Some of my other interests include internet memes, dinosaurs, fire, Transformers, saxophone, phoenixes, dragons, other mythical creatures, yellow, potatoes, cheesecake, sushi, food in general, daffodils, Yoshi, movies, renewable energy, The Sims, ravens, axolotls, panthers, nature, collecting things, Spyro the Dragon, music, drawing, panting, stand-up comedy, sunny days, dusk, reading, Photoshop and the beach, to name a few.
Pokémon has always been a pretty big part of my life. It inspired me to start drawing, and I met my current boyfriend of two years through a Pokémon TCG League! I didn’t really start liking Pokémon until after the worldwide hype had ended, but once I started collecting I was hooked XD You've probably already guessed that Moltres is my favourite Pokémon, but some of my other favourites include {{p|Charizard}}, {{p|Dragonair}}, {{p|Pidgeotto}}, {{p|Altaria}}, {{p|Bayleef}}, {{p|Charmeleon}}, {{p|Tropius}}, {{p|Arcanine}} and {{p|Lapras}}.
==Pokémon Collecting==
I collect a lot of different Pokémon Merchandise. My main Pokémon collection consists of '''loads''' of plush, figures, toys, games etc. I also have quite a large Moltres collection, and one day I hope to acquire all the Moltres merchandise out there. I am also a card collector, and hope to complete all sets up until the end of Power Keepers, including promos, reverse holos and first editions.
The only ship I really support is [[Rocketshipping]]. Since watching the first series of Pokémon as a kid, I’ve always wanted Jessie and James to get together, even though I don’t realistically believe it will happen. Since it’s pretty unlikely any ship will ever become canon, I believe all shipping theories are valid in the fandom world.
=Favorite articles=
=Favorite articles=

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Favorite articles

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