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<div style="text-align: center;">'''Links'''</div>
<div style="text-align: center;">'''Links'''</div>
・My Website: [http://www.sora.net.au] [[image:Button1.jpg]]<br>
・My main email: [mailto:[email protected]/ [email protected]]<br>
・My main email: [mailto:[email protected]/ [email protected]]<br>
・Pokémon stuff I'm selling: [http://moltres93.livejournal.com/2422.html/ Moltres93's Sales]<br>
・Pokémon stuff I'm selling: [http://moltres93.livejournal.com/2422.html/ Moltres93's Sales]<br>

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・My Website: [1] File:Button1.jpg
・My main email: [email protected]
・Pokémon stuff I'm selling: Moltres93's Sales
・My Pokémon watercolour commissions: Moltres93's Commissions
・My DeviantART gallery: Moltres93
・Wanted Moltres items: Moltres93's Wants
・PokéFarm accout: Please click my Pokémon/ eggs!

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Hi there, I'm moltres93 and I'm relatively new to Bulbapedia and wikis in general. I am an avid Pokémon collector, and spend most of my time here working on Project Merchandise, uploading pictures of my Pokémon items and adding information where I can.


My real name is Emma and I live in Tasmania, Australia. I’m super hyper and have lots of interests which I love to talk about with other people. I always try to be nice to everyone, though I prefer to spend time by myself to being creative, reading or organising my Pokémon collections. I always seem to be working on some kind of project; a drawing, a story, a comic, a sculpture or something. I also spend a lot of time with my boyfriend Ashley (Yelsha42 online) who also collects Pokémon merchandise. One day we hope to combine our collections to make one mega-awesome-super-huge collection XD


I have loved Pokémon since I was quite young, but for some reason I was never really interested in it until after the worldwide hype had ended. Ever since that “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” logo burned into my young impressionable mind, I’ve been hooked and have since strived to have the biggest Pokémon collection possible.


My favourite Pokémon is Moltres and always has been. I know it’s stereotypical to have a legendary favourite, but the truth is I didn’t even know what a Legendary Pokémon was when I decided I loved the fire birdy. Moltres is now not just a cartoon character to me. It’s become my online alias: my second life. I’ve developed my own Moltres character through my artwork and I feel like it’s become a big part of me (yeah I know that’s cliché but it’s true XD).

My other favourite Pokémon are Charizard, Dragonair, Pidgeotto, Altaria, Bayleef, Charmeleon, Arcanine, Houndoom and Lapras.

Some of my other favourites include Ditto (only as other Pokémon with its cute little face!), Ninetales, Dewgong, Rapidash, Wooper, Dialga, Latios, Sandslash and Lugia.

Pokémon Collecting

I collect a lot of different Pokémon Merchandise. My main Pokémon collection consists of loads of plush, figures, toys, games etc. I also have quite a large Moltres collection, and one day I hope to acquire all the Moltres merchandise out there. I am also a card collector, and hope to complete all sets up until the end of Power Keepers, including promos, reverse holos and first editions.


I used to like the anime a lot when I was younger, but now I'm not so into it. 4Kids's over-the-top censoring really makes it feel like I'm watching a toddler's show, plus I am really against the fact the original cast was fired for cheap sound-alikes (yeah I know they'll never bring the old cast back, but that doesn't mean I'm ever going to get used to the new actors). I own a few DVDs and movies but that's more for collection purposes.


I somewhat dislike the fourth generation of Pokémon. I feel like all the originality is gone and all the main series games are now just the same plot but with better graphics and new characters. The Pokémon themselves are also becoming less and less “Pokémon-like” (compared to earlier generations). Of course, there are lots of Pokémon characters and aspects from the fourth generation that I love (Turtwig, mini-games, bad-ass villains), but over-all the games are just becoming a bit repetitive. I usually just stick to playing Red or LeafGreen and the spin-off games.

I have a very specific way of playing the games. My main goal is to complete the Pokédex, evolve and train all my Pokémon to the highest level and give them all kick-ass nicknames. For me, beating the gyms is just a side-plot to unlock new areas to find new Pokémon XD I always catch the lowest evolutionary state of a Pokémon and evolve it myself, so as it evolves, I get the Pokémon’s entry in the Pokédex and I don’t have to catch and train each individual Pokémon in that evolution line.

My LeafGreen Pokémon Team:


The only ship I really support is Rocketshipping. Since watching the first series of Pokémon as a kid, I’ve always wanted Jessie and James to get together, even though I don’t realistically believe it will happen. Since it’s pretty unlikely any ship will ever become canon, I believe all shipping theories are valid in the fandom world.

Favorite articles

Some of my favourite Articles on Bulbapedia include: