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== Sprites ==
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This is my list of Pokémon that I think look better in Diamond and Pearl than Platinum.
[[Image:493.png]]-Arceus(It's not a horse, and Ponyta looks better bucking)
[[Image:315.png]]-Roselia(No comment)
[[Image:406.png]]-Budew(A toy.)
[[Image:Spr_4p_025_m.png]]-Pikachu(Where's my Pokémon food?)
[[Image:068.png]]-Machamp(Don't touch me, man)
[[Image:094.png]]-Gengar(The tail looked weird but I miss the little dancer)
[[Image:095.png]]-Onix(He's sitting on one of his rocks)
[[Image:108.png]]-Lickitung(Flop, flop, flop)
[[Image:464.png]]-Ryperior(Bow down while I CHOW DOWN!)
[[Image:129.png]]-Magikarp(What the heck? No open mouth? No "LAAZAAHH!"?)
[[Image:130.png]]-Gyarados(High Dive, head first, face plant)
[[Image:233.png]]-Porygon2(It just looks weird!)
[[Image:299.png]]-Nosepass(Does a compass stand still?)
[[Image:334.png]]-Altaria(Extendo-neck ability, anyone?)
[[Image:396.png]]-Starly(Enemy's not over there)
[[Image:398.png]]-Staraptor(Not over there, either)
[[Image:405.png]]-Luxray(Not over there, either.)
[[Image:409.png]]-Rampardos(No comment)
[[Image:419.png]]-Floatzel(No bear hugs today, sweety.)
[[Image:432.png]]-Purugly(Lean, lean, lean, THUD!)
[[Image:435.png]]-Skuntank(A tank of skunks with one opening...)
[[Image:441.png]]-Chatot(CCKKKK...So, how's your doctor?)
[[Image:446.png]]-Munchlax(*burp* Excuse me)
[[Image:449.png]]-Hippopotas(Nap time!)
[[Image:450.png]]-Hippowdon(Is he chewing SAND?)
[[Image:453.png]]-Croagunk(Wrong way, genius)
[[Image:463.png]]-Lickilicky(Flopppity Flop)
NOTE: I don't mean to insult Nintendo or Pokémon, just the spriters. And this is half-way for people, a quarter for my opinion, 12.5% for filling up my page, 12% for comedy, and .5% for boredom.

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