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This webpage is open to anyone but non-Pokéfans, non-trainers, et cetera, or my sister. If you are none of the previous, please enjoy.

About Me


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About Me

Hi. I am Missingyes, a trainer of many Pokémon, so you have a right to call me Glitchyes, Glitchno, Missing+, and Pokédork. I am a member of the Project GlitchDex, so I may call you a glitch for calling me Bob. You have a right to, since my real first name is Robert, but please don't.I am a Pokémaster. My friend and I have fought 5 times, and I have won twice, and he has had Diamond a lot longer than me, and the first time, my Pokémon were level 30-50, and his were about level 100, so I lost. The next time, I had level 100 Pokémon, but he won. I think I lost because of Arceus. But, I used Perish Song at the end, so I was forced to lose.

File:DP Black Belt.pngWhat fights happen next?File:DP Cool Trainer M.png

WARNING: As of today (2/27/09) I have beaten him one more time than before. And it was CLOSE! I had two left.

You know what? Now, I'm going to put some things here, like this:

Game Wins Losses Ties
Diamond 8 2 1
Platinum 2 1 0


Listen, I think a lot of Pokémon look better in Diamond and Pearl than Platinum. If anyone thinks that, please say it under discussion on my other page, and I will look up the Pokémon. To go to my other page, click here

A Hectic Time

Well, my ban time was worse than I thought. I lost my Action Replay, found it, broke it, fixed it, found a cheat, found that it was wrong, fixed it, and ended up normal. Well, you know. Somewhat normal. Anyway, first I lost my Action Replay. 2 months went by. My mom found it when I was in bed with the stomach virus and she was sweeping out from under my bed. So, when I was using it, it said to insert the Action Replay so it could save. While it was saving, I accidentally pulled it out. All the cheats were gone. I didn't do anything until I looked up on Youtube how to fix it. I fixed it. So I put on two cheats, the Pokémon Modifier, and another cheat, the Catch Other Trainer's Pokémon cheat. I went hacking to find a Pokémon, and all I could find was one Pokémon. I got rid of the Catch Other PKMN thing and all I could find was one other Pokémon. I fixed it, and it was smooth living ƒrom then ○n.

Big Question

Every now and then, I may have a question. AND I WANT ANSWERS!!! So, here is the place for questions and answers. I accept other people's questions!


Does hacking increase or decrease chances of finding shiny Pokémon?



Previously Answered



These are just my teams. Not gonna post Diamond, every time I play, I change my team.


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