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I DO NOT EAT PIE! Now go away, kids.
[Content Deleted]
{{User Male}}
{{User Favorite Move|472|Guillotine|Normal}}
{{User Favorite Ability|330|Levitate}}
{{User GSDS|2}}
{{User Baby Kangaskhan}}
{{User Sapphire}}
{{User Starter|255|Torchic}}
{{User Emerald}}
{{User Starter|252|Treecko}}
{{User FireRed}}
{{User Starter|007|Squirtle}}
{{User LeafGreen}}
{{User Starter|001|Bulbasaur}}
{{User Diamond}}
{{User Starter|393|Piplup}}
{{User Pearl}}
{{User Starter|390|Chimchar}}
{{User Platinum}}
{{User Starter|387|Turtwig}}
{{User Action Replay}}
{{User Birthday|September 24|385}}
{{User Internet Explorer}}
{{User Likes Blue|445}}
{{User Template|This user plays |wp:RuneScape|Runescape.|149 s.png|white|black|fire|black}}
{{User Template|'''WHO WRINKLED MY [[wp:Randy Travis|RANDY TRAVIS]]'''|wp:Tourette syndrome|POSTER!?!?|295.png|water|white|black|electric}}
[[User:Missingyes/HGSS|Johto Team]]
[[Special:Random|Something pithy this way comes...]]
==About Me==
I am kinda thychotic (For the past month I have been saying 'th' in place of 's') and in need of a life, so I spend most of my time [http://www.runescape.com/ here] or [http://www.youtube.com/wgdvids/ here]. I need something {{tt|important to do|besides school, people!}}. Like pie? Me too!

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