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Message from the Editor of this page

December 23

First of all, Happy Festivus, Bulbapedia! For all the details you'll ever need on what Festivus is, check out [1].

Now then, I've made a change to the Weezing template. The text was a tad obtrusive, so I made it stop following you all over the page. Instead, it stays at the top of the page. The sprite, however, continues to move, so you'll always have a Weezing on screen. Ain't it great?

And have a Merry Christmas, too. All of you! Missingno. Master, out!

December 12

As anyone who is viewing this page and/or my talk page will undoubtedly be aware, I have implemented a new template. It displays a different Weezing sprite everytime the page is loaded. This includes the sprites from all main series games, the two pinball games, and Trozei. I actually got the idea from the user Landfish7, who has a similar template on his userpage which displays Oshawott's sprite. Don't worry, I got permission from him to use that idea. As you can see, I even improved on it. The sprite displayed and the accompanying text will change each time you load a page that contains that template. Which, right now, includes my user page, and my talk page. And by the way, for those of you wondering, this is my last userspace edit of the day, although I acknowledge that it's one over the limit. Sorry about that. But I sometimes go for days without editing my userspace, so I suppose this balances things out a bit.

Remember, kids, edit the mainspace, and edit it often. Missingno. Master, out!

November 15

After much thought, and in light of recent discussion about a certain policy for Bulbapedia I proposed, I have come to a difficult decision. As of today, all branches of the Order of the Glitch are hereby disbanded. I have realized that we will never come to accomplish our noble goal, as there are simply too many people too close-minded to accept the idea of Glitch Pokémon being equal to "official" ones.

This does not mean I change my views about Glitch Pokémon. I personally will always see them and official Pokémon as equals, but I shall no longer bring my personal bias onto Bulbapedia's mainspace. Should anyone else wish to pick up the Order of the Glitch where I left off, they have my full permission to do so, and I wish them luck. Perhaps someone else can accomplish what I cannot.

August 10

A reminder to all Bulbapedians that the Golden Missingno. Award is no longer being given out. As the appropriate template has long been deleted, any recipients are urged to remove the useless text from their userspace. As it turns out, this award's presence was a violation of the userspace policy.

I regret to mention that I have not yet gotten around to creating the social group on the forums that is to replace the Order of the Glitch's now-disbanded Bulbapedia branch. Expect it to appear within the week. Members of the now-disbanded Bulbapedia branch (and in fact, members of the long-disbanded Serebii branch who are now in Bulbagarden!) are urged to keep an eye out for it.

As many of you have undoubtedly noticed, the endless stretch of usertags formerly on this page detailing my shiny Pokémon are now gone. It's just another thing I've been forgetting to update, and it was making the page too darn big. Anyone interested in the shinies I've obtained are urged to look me up in Bulbagarden forums, Serebii forums, and anywhere else I am that I forgot to mention, and have a look at my sig. Note that aside from Bulbagarden and Serebii, I rarely keep my sig on other sites up to date. Also, for some strange reasons, images do not show up in signatures on Smogon. So, while I do have an account there, my banner is not there.

In closing, remember to edit the mainspace, and edit it often. Missingno. Master, out!

With a mustache.

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Did you know...

From Bulbapedia's latest Glitch Pokémon-related changes and some other stuff they don't want you to know about: User:Missingno. Master/Template:Did you know glitch



Missingno. Master (Japanese: けつばんマスタ Ketsuban Master) is a member of Bulbapedia, and most notably, the Forums. He derived his user name from his self-proclaimed status as a Pokémon Master, and his love of Missingno., his absolute favorite Pokémon. He is notable for his tremendous collection of Template:Shiny2 Pokémon. Lately, he has been coming up with ideas for new Pokémon.

Missingno. Master's How-Tos

Missingno. Master's How-Tos are a series of text-based lessons detailing how to accomplish certain Pokémon-based feats, mostly within the games.

How to use unevolved Pokémon in competitive battle

Trick Room

Many unevolved Pokémon that are usable in competitive battle have decent offensive stats, but more often than not lack the speed to effectively compete. While the usage of Ninjask's Baton Pass can help with this very greatly, Trick Room is often a quicker and more reliable method.

An easy way to set up Trick Room is to use an unevolved Pokémon with Trick Room and Destiny Bond, preferably at level 1, holding a Focus Sash. The basis for this is simple: Foe uses attack, you hold on with Focus Sash, use Trick Room, then use Destiny Bond and take out the opponent. The only unevolved Pokémon that can utilize this strategy at level 1 are Duskull, Shuppet, Gastly, and Ralts.

After Trick Room is set up, you have 4 turns in which to sweep. The best Trick Room sweeper is Munchlax, given that its base 5 Speed stat is tied with Shuckle's for the lowest speed in history (nothing can outspeed it in Trick Room, in other words).


Item: Choice Band

Nature: Brave




Zen Headbutt

Rock Slide

EVs: 255 Attack, 250 HP, 5 Special Defense


Item: Choice Band

Nature: Brave




Brick Break

Rock Slide

EVs: 255 Attack, 255 Defense


Item: Choice Specs

Nature: Quiet



Shadow Ball

Energy Ball

Water Pulse

EVs: 255 Special Attack, 255 HP


Item: Choice Specs

Nature: Quiet



Flash Cannon


Hidden Power (Template:Type2)

EVs: 255 Special Attack, 255 HP

Previously fully evolved Pokémon

With every generation comes new evolutions of Pokémon that previously were considered fully evolved. In most, if not all, cases, these new evolutions completely outclassed their pre-evolutions. Sadly, most people dump the old Pokémon and instead cling to their new evolutions. In some cases, this is justifiable. However, there are some now-unevolved Pokémon that can still cut it in today's competitive battling.


Item: Wise Glasses

Nature: Modest




Ice Beam

Dragon Pulse

EVs: 255 Special Attack, 255 Speed


Item: Choice Band

Nature: Jolly



Steel Wing

Poison Fang

Brave Bird

EVs: 255 Attack, 255 Speed


Item: Leftovers

Nature: Adamant




Ice Shard


EVs: 252 Attack, 252 HP, 6 Sp. Def

How to make Cascoon useful

No, of course Cascoon isn't at all viable in competitive battling. But it does know a move that could be the key to a key Dustox strategy- Iron Defense.


Item: Black Sludge

Nature: Bold


Iron Defense

Light Screen


Toxic/Swagger/Bug Buzz

EVs: 250 HP, 200 Sp. Def, 60 Def.

The idea here is to create a tanking situation. Dustox has a moderately usable Special Defense stat, and a noticeably lackluster, yet workable, Defense stat. Light Screen doubles the Special Defense, meaning Dustox can take special hits from all but the most powerful Ground and Psychic moves (and even then, it might survive- just don't expect it to brush off a CSpecs Gengar Psychic attack). Iron Defense, only learnable in the Cascoon stage, is for upping the Defense stat into something moderately respectable. Roost owns Moonlight in terms of HP recovery- an active Sand Stream or Snow Warning can screw over Moonlight, not to mention its pitiful PP count of 8-at best! Roost, however, restores a constant amount of 50% of the user's HP. Plus, its side effect of removing the user's flying type for the remainder of the turn isn't felt, because 1; Dustox is so slow it'll be going last most of the time anyway, and 2; Dustox isn't even a flying type! The last move is up to you, but no matter what you choose, it won't work on everything. Toxic is great- until you're up against a Poison-type, a Steel-type, something with Immunity, or worse, Guts and Earthquake. Swagger is a bit iffy, given that Dustox's Defense isn't all too great, and Dustox can't afford much physical damage to begin with. Bug Buzz, very iffy, coming off of a base 50 Special Attack stat, but with STAB, and the chance to reduce the foe's Special Defense, it's hard to pass up.

Missingno. Master's online history

Many years ago, Missingno. Master first became acquainted with the internet on Poké, though he had joined that website under the user name of Wynautfan (a reference to the fact that Wynaut is one of his favorite Pokémon). He had started with a Torchic which he promptly evolved into a Combusken. He then used Combusken to battle the PokémonCrater-exclusive Dratinice. After much usage of items and exchanges of attacks, Missingno. Master finally subdued Dratinice and captured it in a Master Ball (which at that time did NOT have a 100% capture rate in PokémonCrater). Afterwards, Dratinice being level 80, Wynautfan quickly moved through the game, obtaining many badges, and evolved Dratinice into Dratinire. Soon afterwards, he was using Google to find good Pokémon information and stumbled upon He liked the reliable information the website provided, and soon afterwards joined the forums under the name Missingno. Master.

The Missingno. Master Forums

Soon after the Celebi Glitch was discovered, Serebii of the forums vehemently denied the existance of the glitch, and went so far as to disallow discussion of the glitch anywhere on the forums. Several members of the Missingno. club (which has since been disbanded), including Missingno. Master decided to make their own Missingno.-based forum, one Jigpuff being the leader. Missingno. Master started out as a moderator, then was eventually promoted to Admin. Soon afterwards, however, he made the grave mistake of signing on to the forums late at night, half asleep. Long story short, he took over the forums, demoting everyone except himself. Shortly afterwards, when wide awake, he saw what he had done, and immediately fixed it. Jigpuff, however, being cruel and unforgiving, blind to his sincere remorse, demoted him to member, and for some time, took away his posting ability. Eventually, he was banned for no reason. Shortly afterwards, he created the Missingno. Master forums, which still exist today (and are in DIRE need of more members).



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This listing is of Missingno. Master's Pokémon in Blue Version.

On hand

h POKé

In the PC

Spr 1b 007.pngSpr 1b 008.pngSpr 1b 009.png
Squirtle → Wartortle → Blastoise
Spr 1b 069.pngSpr 1b 070.pngSpr 1b 071.png
Bellsprout → Weepinbell → Victreebel
File:LM4image.PNGSpr 1b 035.pngSpr 1b 034.png
LM4 → Clefairy → Nidoking
Spr 1b 147.pngSpr 1b 148.pngSpr 1b 149.png
Dratini → Dragonair → Dragonite
000.pngSpr 1b 115.png
'M → Kangaskhan
Spr 1b 021.pngSpr 1b 022.png
Spearow → Fearow
Spr 1b 027.pngSpr 1b 028.png
Sandshrew → Sandslash
Spr 1b 137.png

User:Missingno. Master/Template:Missingno. Master's Pokémon